Meaning of Life

All our lives we search and strife
To answer the question of our life
What be the meaning if not to ask
Inquiring to the nature of our task

What is the meaning if not to wonder
What is the meaning if not to plunder
What is the meaning if not of glory
What is the meaning; to create a story

Thinking you are the only one
Who is righteous, and will not run
Being reminded of lauding shadows
Going to be hung at deaths last gallows

What is the meaning if not to fight
What is the meaning if not hope’s light
What is the meaning if not our pride
What is the meaning; within we confide

Mind swirling within darkness
The world is nothing but a black abyss
You fight and lose life’s false battles
Surrounding yourself with pointless chattles

What is the meaning of happiness
What is the meaning in sweeping mist
What is the meaning if not to die
What is the meaning of asking why?

All along God let our hearts tear
All is gone, what god had to give
When all along it was right there
What if the meaning is to live?

This is one of a few poems that I would actually like to read from the start to the end.

I think on the meaning of life, there is some common ground for you and me: many others think that there is a definite anwser to it, so according to their own believe/experience/taste/whatever, they give themselves an anwser, so they don’t feel that they are meant to “wonder”. I think that this is a principle to them. As you suggested in the poem, finding anwsers is significant to people, especially to most people on this forum.

There has been a lot of posts on this matter, ever since Uniqor posted the topic “What Are You Living For”. I’ve read most of the replies, I found out that people set goals for themselves. Fine way to live, I have no objection to it. Could this be where we differ?

For me - who’d like to consider himself as thinking philosophically - the meaning of life is to desire and acquire. I think more or less, your poem already suggested this. I’m just here to stress again its significance for me on this matter. Doesn’t matter what others say about the meaning of life, they all fall into this catogry, unless they lied. Yes, humans are complex compared with other animals whose meaning of life is to survive by eating, sleeping, playing and mating, ultimately, by doing want thet want. What is the difference for humans? Superfacially, more things to do than just those animal stuff, but fundamentally, the same - doing what they want. For instance, you love your kids, and you say: “I sacrifise my life for them, so for me, life is to love them.” For you, true. For me, still, you live for doing what you want, the deepest want at the bottom of your heart.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is that being philosophical, while not being Romantic, better to be as realistic and fundamental as possible.

Note: not being a fundamentalist thank you very much!

Thank you Uniqor, yes, I do believe grounds… I mean, looking at birds, they fly and hunt. Seems fine to me! They don’t ‘search’ for the meaning of life. Why should we? People make the question so hard when really the answer is very simple. But being conscious beings and curious, this makes us different (well, some animals are curious, but thats a commonplace for man because we are driven by it). And true, most make up some ‘meaning for their lives’ just so they no longer have to wonder, a curse and a blessing for our species. All we are is sophisticated monkeys, so why don’t we look to them for the answer as to the meaning of life? :wink: