[i][size=125]Cough: Stir the rainbow remnant oils of
cigarettes smoked long ago
in dirty bars with clean-looking women
with high cut skirts and low cut breasts sprung
fully formed from the brow of Hephaestus.
Kiss me.
Kiss me again.
STDs need a little love for a vector.

Hack: open me up and
rummage through the miracled body

  • here’s a heart
    [but not my heart]
    And - tattarrattat
  • A deep crimson flutter in my chest -
    that tells me: Spinach.
    Not just for sailors.

Splutter: like a firework much expected
To fly high high
Zooming upward only in the untethered eyes
Of children. Burnt fingers you fool.
A reproach against re-approachment.
Blistered bursts from
Marbled meat under a layer of stars.
[scars I meant scars][/size][/i]

Another winner, Igor. Nice.

Thanks rainey. This one was a bit of a doodle on a rainy afternoon. I like the last verse, the first two, eh, so-so.