Meditation Thread

I’m sure there are other threads about this but…I’m lazy.

So I’ve picked up meditating again, and just wanted to hear others’ experiences with it.

Right now, I’m doing about 10 minutes a day, and then a minute here and there when I can.

Currently, the only kind of meditation I’m doing when I sit down for my 10 minute session is observing my thoughts that bubble up, then release them. After I settle down a bit, my mind becomes much quieter. Thoughts pop up less often. Afterwords, I feel very at peace. And I do it with my eyes closed.

Anyways, I’d like to hear your experiences / methods. Have you had any spiritual experiences while meditating? How do you meditate, and how often? What changes have you noticed in your day to day life?

Share your experience please!

Sure. I’m meditating right now.

Oops! My mind’s a blank.

tab got there first


I’ll get to responding here when I have more time. Meanwhile this is just a bookmark for me.

I did write a bit about meditation under the “Shamatha” section of . It’s a bit formal though, emphasizing the theory behind the practices.

I meditate in times of stress, surprise.

My whole life’s a meditation - one long meditation…

i meditate every day

my deepest truths were apprehended with my mind at its stillest

dont forget to buy tissues

Have you read The Doors of Perception?

as a very strong person, i only take a deep breath and I reach satori instantly. like, inhale, WHOOM! satori. instant and complete mindfulness

So this is what going crazy looks like. Very interesting. How are things on that side?

we’re the same.

You seem a bit too self-confident and I don’t like it.

im so overconfident, i think im still underconfident.

when i meditate what i do is close my eyes sitting of course and then i…

focus on my breathing, breathing slowly and steadily, being aware of my surroundings, all sounds, just being aware of everything, being aware of the sounds from my breathing, feeling -being able to feel that i am sitting even though i am still…and being aware of all of this without thinking about any of it, just being in the midst of all that i am aware of and then being aware of myself along with everything, the most important part is that you are not thinking about any one thing, you just allow every new sound or feeling to pass through you-freely, do not think about it but be aware of it :slight_smile:

…learn to feel one

Congratulations, I hope you can stick with it.

I sometimes do pretty much what you do (eyes open). Life can get pretty full, good habits come and go if we’re not diligent, and sometimes I just can’t get into it. At times like that I just stop and realize that I can just sit for even 5 minutes. Even that can be fairly potent.

It’s hard to know how to interpret the word “spiritual”, but when I meditate I often experience the world in a very different way than in much of my ordinary experience. But where “spiritual” might imply as opposed to the empirical world or something, the experience I’m referring to seems best described as more fully in the world. Meditation is actually an exercise that helps us to be in the world as it is, and stop avoiding it through fixating on emotional fantasies, believing in our conceptual constructions, opinions, etc.

That always changes. Right now I’m hardly meditating at all for some reason. At times in my life I’ve meditated 1-2 hours per day. Retreats are also especially helpful. There are many different ways to meditate. I especially enjoy “mahamudra” meditation, both in its shamatha (calm abiding) and vipashana (insight) aspects.

I’d say I’m less anxious, more accommodating, friendlier, less opinionated, more energetic, more capable of various things… On the other hand I’ve experienced some surprising “negatives” that I associate with my meditation practice - quicker to lose my temper for instance, even though it goes away pretty quickly.

The most basic transformation though is just to realize that we are all fundamentally sane and good, and that to know so is not a fantasy. We might believe this intellectually, but I really think almost all of us don’t fundamentally believe it with our whole being. Obviously “sane” here doesn’t mean something like “not different” and “good” here doesn’t mean “proper” or “as opposed to bad”. It’s something more basic and non-dual than that - nevertheless “sane” and “good” seem like appropriate words to convey the meaning.

Hey anon, I never thanked you for sharing. I am hoping to get back to you in the next couple of days with more details and a response.

You’re welcome dd.