Why can’t I remember each and every day and detail of my life?

Why do we forget? Why do we remember?

Also, how, how are memories formed? how are they lost?

because otherwise your brain would explode!

I thought that. But would it really? Plus there isn’t some form of time limit on how long you remember things. I guess another question for the OP is how do we remember things too? But we can’t be sure we’ve truly forgotten things because sometimes we may have that memory sparked by something in the present…

only figuratively, if at all. but we do forget much more than we ever remember. if we remembered everything we forget could our minds handle it? is the human brain capable of it?

well i’m sure our memory banks are quite elastic, but it makes sense to imagine there are limits to how much information we can successfully squirrell away. if nothing else there are normal limits on how much information we can work with and process at any given point in time.

i suppose we remember by all sorts of means - from calendars to stories to hard drives. there’s memory by association. there’s photograph albums. there’s the simple act of writing things down. assigning numbers. we convert experiences into information, and memory is generally about storing and recalling information.

Would this be a physical limit? I mean, how is memory reduced to a physical state? And with it being physical then it makes more sense that there’s a limit…like the number of parking spaces available in a car-park.

Sure, there is a limit. There is a limit to the sky, but we’d never reach it just by jumping. The limit seems to be unreachable, so far as I know. There are three factors to memory - receiving the information, storing it, and retrieving it. We have a lot more in storage than we can normally retrieve - think about people remembering stuff only under hypnosis. It may be that what we don’t “remember” is only what we cannot retrieve. But it could still be there. Surely you have struggled to remember something - someone’s name, and then a year later, it pops into your head.

I think it’s a retrieval thing.

Sure, that’s precisely what I was thinking of when I said, “But we can’t be sure we’ve truly forgotten things because sometimes we may have that memory sparked by something in the present…”

Re: retrieval. Suppose I have stored in my mind every single minutiae of my life, will alone is insufficient to retrieve it, it is outside of my conscious grasp. I can willingly remember snippets, in fact, it’s scary how little I do remember, but the rest is just…sunken. Someone once said we remember our lives about as much as we remember a novel we’ve read…:confused: