Men's Rights Movement


Written by a friend.

Also called Men’s Rights Activism: MRA

This is becoming a new trend amongst the disenfranchised and those men left out in the cold, after female “emancipation” has rendered them obsolete and the family unit is collapsing…or being reinvented as some kind of collaboration which has nothing to do with children or reproduction.
Sex, in this circumstance, has lost it spiritual content, as the union between man and woman bringing about a new spirit of becoming. It has become a bonding method, a stress reliever, an escape into momentary hedonism, a symbolic gesture of dominance or simply child’s play.

With these MRA’s one can witness the confusion and the pain.

Most of these men-children would call themselves liberals, not even realizing that it is their politics which makes it possible for feminism to come about.

In essence these boys, having no clue as to what nature is or having a romantic view of it, believed that freedom of choice would automatically result in kindness and fairness and reasoning.

This would be akin to releasing a wild beast and then expecting it to be a pet.
The unleashing of the feminine energies from where they had been kept to ensure mas-participation and the internal stability this produced, has also returned all sexual behavior back to a primal stage.
Now the dominant male is the institution, the State, The Church, God, The Authority, and all, including these emasculated males are expected to become female in all ways but one.

This last one, accepted because the institution being an abstraction cannot fertilize an egg, is also quickly losing relevance with the advent of technologies that make it possible for a female to impregnate herself with a skin cell from either a male or female.

Already we are experiencing the reality of children being raised by the state; a state that can intervene if the parents are not inculcating the child within the social norms and not teaching it to be a good citizen ad a docile female. All that now remains is to finalize things by eliminating the “middle man” altogether, either forcing him into the periphery of solitude or forcing him into deeper and deeper emasculation.

This last is also quit obvious in the feministic fanaticism of males and their acceptance of social and family roles as surrogate female entities.

With these MRA’s we find an feminine demeanor as well.
They still think that they can change things, or reverse them, by running to the state and demanding justice.
They also use a common feminine tactic of withholding sex or support or trying to shame females “back to their senses”, as if morality were anything but a human idea that either takes hold of the mind or does not.

We can see what happens to morality and common sense when law and order weaken. Males unleash their frustrations, their pent up masculine energies, looting and destroying everything in sight, whereas females, having been released from what they call paternalistic constraints, unleash their pent up feminine energies, turning to promiscuity, exhibitionism and sexual manipulation to get their fix.
The sad thing about these disillusioned MRA’s is that they cannot escape the moral and the romantic idealism they still depend upon to feel good about themselves.
Instead of abandoning their ideals as being wrong or slavish or naive they cling to them preferring to play the role of martyr; a martyr who teaches those who have wronged him a terrible lesson by accepting his demise on principle.

But nobody cares, and Cherin lies the tragedy of his situation. Nobody cares because the primordial drives have no reason and females, by and large, have no capacity to yield to logic or to integrity.

All females understand, as all nature understands, is brute force or visceral intelligence.
Females feel things…and what they feel from these unfortunate victims of Globalization and feminization is weakness. a sort of weakness that expects the world to change to their whims or to their expectations rather than they changing to its necessities.

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When did sex have “spiritual content?” Other than in stories intended to promote chastity among girls, that is.

When it had a risk, a high price, and it was only between a man and a woman with a shared stake.

Men bond in war when they share common threats and face a shared death.
This binds them on a deeper level than just casual buddies out for a drink and to pick up women, every weekend.

And when, prithee, was that? I mean I want dates and places.

Before the state protected them, and gave them the means to be careless, carefree, and mindless.
Anytime before the Sexual Revolution.
How stringent you are in your demands.
I hope you show such passion for precision when someone posts something that makes you horny, or tickles your vanities.
I doubt it.

When sex became a hobby, practiced by babies, who just want to have fun, and a woman began to feel protected going outside with her pussy in the air and her tits on display.
When men were made to be boys playing video games - being playas.
Excessive, reliable, sheltering , also called domestication.
Silver Fox Experiment - Evolution in Action

Damn world, it keeps ruining my daydreams.

You know what I’m talking about.
Like when you let children into the adult room, because of some erroneous idealism of how things should be, and expect a mature conversation to break out.

Next question.

You appear to know nothing of history past a couple of generations. You might want to educate yourself a little before you make such grandiose pronouncements.

That much is clear. Sorry to intrude on your girlish fantasies.

Carry on.

Thanks for interrupting to declare your superior knowledge.
Like many around here, all you do is posture, declare, refer, and defer.

This link was in line with the forum’s overall standards.
I posted links.

I’m sorry it disturbed you and made you feel bad.
Take care.


Are you in pain?

A comedic break

Bill Maher on Feminism

You’ve wounded me with your harsh rhetoric. Luckily, I am resistant to hollow political rhetoric, so i have already recovered.

The so-called sexual revolution was a reaction to very recent, Victorian sexual standards. Some other things happened before that. Before there were american liberals, or Democrats, or America.

Jus’ sayin’.

You asked, I answered.
If you wanted an in-depth sociological and historical treatise, you should say so.
Yes, I was going to say Civil Rights movement, but that would have made you cry out.

I could have gone to the Romans and the Hindus and the Greeks, but why bother?
This goes waaaaaay back.
It’s part of a memetic disease, that begins over 2000 years ago.
The process has been slow, but we are now reaching a fevered apex.

You asked when this was different.
I answered.
Now you are posturing.

It never was different. people have been irresponsible about sex since there was sex, so far as we know. It just wasn’t cool to talk about it. In fact, without the sexual revolution, you probably wouldn’t even be allowed to post this thread.

But please, do go on. In a time long ago, in a land far away, sex was spiritual.

It’s a nice story. I want to hear more.

I never said that people have not been irresponsible, now did I?

Take a breath, relax and read or listen.

Social rules impose rules of conduct.
Culture dictates sexual behavior.

Release females, and males, from this, and return them to their primordial sexual behaviors, this time with the added liberties technologies offer, and what do you expect?

Risk, cost, makes one careful.
Take this away, and you’ve got children who feel indestructible.

Now reap what you sow and don’t comfort yourself with “it’s always been so”, because it hasn’t.
In ancient Rome or Greece it wasn’t.
In modern day India it isn’t.
During the fifties it wasn’t this bad.

Amongst the Vikings it wasn’t.

Now use an absolute and say that adultery was a part of that time as well.

Aw, c’mon. I wanna hear more about spiritual sex.

Don’t start out like a cheesy romance novel and then poop out with Old Farmer’s Alamanac stuff like “Now reap what you have sow(n)”.

Play fair.

I do like “primordial sexual behaviors”, though. Adds some academic cred.

I’m your biggest fan.

Norwegian Documentary

Living in a Feminist, Man-Hating Matriarchy

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I prefer my sex to not be spiritual at all.

Platonism is alive and well, as is schopenhauer on the vanity of existence, and who says we are all on the same roller coaster ride?  Why is relevance a matter of the latest fad?