Mental Illness a sign of Masochism?

A theory: Mental Illness, depression, severe anxiety and mania all come from self hate, low self-esteem and no confidence, therefore those who are ill are punishing themselves.
Counter-Argument: Some schizophrenic behavior is based on illusions of grandeur, god like abilities and ego centrism. That contradicts the theory.
Response: They still hate themselves by allowing their consciousness to act in those ways. This is based on assumption that our unconscious mind is capable of analyzing Mental Illness and stopping it.

Hmm. I do not know enough about psychology to say whether or not this is true, but it seems like as a theory it could hold water to some extent. I’d say that there isn’t much point in giving the counter argument of the intricacies of schizophrenic disorders, since what you initially address is mental illness as a whole. The details of the illness are within the illness itself. There have been studies which suggest that talk therapy is a much more effective way of treating schizophrenia, which to me suggests that the subconcsious has a big role to play in in determining whether or not a person is ever affected by it, how severe it is, and if a cure is possible.

Interesting post, thanks.

Human bodies break. Human bodies don’t always work perfectly. Diseases attack every organ of the body. Why would the brain be immune from physical damage? It seems reasonable to think that mental illness (the majority but not all ) is caused by a physical malfunctioning of the brain.

What is the proof for that?

Experiences of people who have suffered brain injuries. The effectiveness of drugs for treating certain mental illness.
CT scans of the brain. The common experience of the way even small amounts of recreational drugs can alter mood and behavior. … #CT%20SCAN

By the way, the burden of proof was on the OP to support his theory.

Yet people take small does of domesticated drugs like alcohol everyday that supposedly alters the physical brain structure especially in memory cells. Are alcoholics mentally ill?

Is there a standard of brain chemistry that is supposed to be normal for everybody?

What is that standard?

What is normal human behavior anyways?

I am not suggesting that the brain cannot be damaged physically, or bio-chemically, of course that affects how we think in behave! People with severe forms of schizophrenia do have chemical imbalances in the brain. But most illnesses like paranoia, depression, psychotic disorders and personality disorders are based in the conscious/unconscious mind, therefore we do have a deep control over our behavior.

It’s considered a disease.

There’s a range of normal.

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) … _Disorders

Do these ill patients have ‘deep control’ over their behavior? Do you have evidence of this control?

Is that the same DSM that once included homosexuality?

Well it’s kinda hard diagnosing behavioral disorders without a concept of behavioral order or normalcy. Again, what is normal behavior?

What is the normal condition of behavior these days? :laughing:

There is? Who figured that out? How did they come to their conclusions?

You call it a disease where others describe it as a practice of forgetting temporarily of the sick diseased world around them. Who is right? :laughing:


Are you comfortable with using that source to define what mental health is abnormal and what isnt?

That’s the standard book the medical establishment uses to determine whether you are mentally ill or not. That’s just the way it is.

Translation: Authority says it is right so it must be.

No matter what society you create, there will always be a book.

Some books are best for burning.

I’m not in favor of burning books.

There is no direct proof or research that indicates that we have a deep control over our behavior, but lots of indirect suggesting that we do. Masochism is a deep unconscious decision that emerges through extensive punishment and degradation of personality by others, mostly parents. That’s what the official book tells us, what it doesn’t take into account is that each person has his own personal sensitivity scale, some are more sensitive that others: Subject A is highly sensitive, he has a loving mother and calm, peaceful family. At the age of 8 he encounters a highly aggressive teacher at school that degrades his capability of learning and achievement, embarrasses him in front of the class every single day. Subject A suffers a high amount of mental stress that burns the degrading comments into his psyche. He is scarred for life and is likely to be a masochist, incorporating the degrading and humiliating image in his life. Subject B is un-sensitive. He has a distressed alcoholic family, deals with gang violence every day. This doesn’t shake his mental state. Subject B needs a much bigger psychological trauma than Subject A to become a masochist. This shows that each individual has to overcome different states to have enough trauma to become a masochist.

Depression is a mental illness, people are not depressed because they have low self esteem, that would be redundant.