Merovingian (no, not the guy from the Matrix Reloaded)

I’m currently doing some research into the Merovingian Mythos. Here is what I’ve been able to find so far. If anybody knows anything about this or knows somewhere I might find more information, while this stuff is quite hooey I’d still like to know. :slight_smile:


The Merovingian Mythos

Whose Boyd Rice? Isn’t he a musician and social darwinist?

I currenlty don’t know, but if I find out I’ll post a reply.

He’s an editor of the following website and mag:
Seem like your avarage newager hippy neo-religous nut.

Like I said, this stuff is halfbaked, but I get a kick out of reading these types of myths. :evilfun:

P.S. Sorry for lowering the tone of ILP by creating this topic, but like I said I’ve got an interest in all thing weird and wacky.

I love this stuff too. This particular theory is a beautiful mish-mash of Lovecraft, Biblical Apocrypha and Neo-Egyptology. Simply put, a tapestry of escapist fantasy.

It also could be the basis for an excellent novel.

I was thinking exactly the same thing. :sunglasses:

Hello F(R)IEND(S)

I am not sure if anyone is still interested, but I have read that the Merovingians claim that Mary Magdalene was wife to Jesus himself. The story claims she was pregnant with Jesus’ child. She was forced to leave Jerusalem because she was afraid that her child would be persecuted by the Jews and disciples alike (the Christians wanted to hide her from any who could then claim that Jesus was not deity but man). Mary Magdalene is taken across the Mediterranean to France and this is the beginning of the Merovingians’ bloodline. The story I read also mentions that the Merovignian claim of a direct descendance from a great fish or sea monster is simply a connection to the Christian mytholigy of Christ and the fish.

It seems to be a different origin than that being claimed by the author of the information you posted above…

PAX, have you retrieved anymore information since this post was started?

Nope, not really…

You’ve got the core of the idea in our paragraph. The only thing I will add is an astrological note, which I found interesting. While the exact start and end dates are not known precisely but for the last 2000 years we were in the Age of Pisces, why is this interesting? Well what is the symbol of this Zodiac?

Well it’s a 2 fish, either depicted as one trying to eat the others tail, or the two fish are chasing each others tails. So you have a correlation between the symbolism in the Zodiac and the major religion of that 2000 year era.

While I haven’t done the full homework on this one as I don’t have as much free time for this stuff as I used to… we are currently moving into the Age of Aqueous. I’ve read stuff relating to world religious movements change in accordance with the signs. Not intensity but over time they develop. So the fact that Christ was symbolized by a Fish is more then happy chance… well that’s what the guy’s webpage I read would want you to believe. But I find it interesting the person then went on to talk about pervious religions and there links to astrology and the zodiac. Make of it what you will but I found it interesting. Of course it means, as we are now leaving Pisces or have just entered Aqueous, we are going to see a decline in the old Christian religions and a start of something new.

Boyd Rice: Artist and prominent member of the Church of Satan

Yaay, Pisces.