Merry xmas ILP

Enjoy your turkeys, presents, comradery, and other assorted good times that come with xmas.
Have a good one.

Hi Doc,

whatever you celebrate or whenever you celebrate, have a good one too!


:astonished: you slut, everyone knows its “holidays” now…

i am ashamed…

I am soured on all things ‘politically correct’
Merry fucking christmas!

why holidays? :slight_smile:

merry christmass :wink:


Just say Happy Chrismahaniquanzica that what I do.

Well how-do-ya like that?

A Satanist wishing you a merry christmas.

I’ve seen it all now.

What has the world come to?

Maybe Social Darwinism Day is on the 25 th of December also.

This coming from a person who said that they wanted both psyque and Adlerian as his personal shrink(s)…