Metadata - Any data?

I’m looking for first hand opinions/information on metacoding and (preferably) why it should be legislated.

Come on IT guys, I know you’re out there.

I know a little bit about coding in general, and have done some myself. I would like to answer this question, but I don’t recognize the word “metacoding” is it a slang word in your area? I try to keep up to date on this stuff, then again though, it could just be out of my leage.

If you could elaborate a little bit I could probobly help you out, if not learn somthing a little myself. Thanks!

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Yeah it’s like the backlog of a file, I don’t know the exact coding terminology, I’m a comp nerd but I’m not a programmer.

Basically say you have a word file and then I type ‘Taking Vioxx will double your risk for heart attack and stroke’ then I save it. Then I delete that sentance and save it. Even delete it.

There is still a record of something being deleted, I’m not sure if you can read the actual sentence later or what but somehow some hackers (the good kind) exposed that the Vioxx makers deleted some info about heart attack and stoke. Their reason for doing so, after the fact, is that the info came to them after the deadline and thus was inadmissable. That’s a load of shit but no one can prove it.

anyways… I’m doing a research paper on metacoding so that’s why I bring this up.

This really makes me regret not taking the 3rd trimester of Advanced Computer Science at my schoool. We were in second tri, and with about 4 weeks till the finish the teacher made made the entire class type one sentence in notepad, the only thing it had to be about was somthing they thought was funny about himself [teacher]. And so everyone did it, then he told us to save it, reopen the file, delete the text, resave the file, and then delete the file (Assumingly making it pretty much as deleted as somthing can possibly be) so we did. Low and behold when we arrive the next day in our seats we have a sheet of paper printed out on our desks with the same words we typed, presumably with some privacy. It was pretty funny, and the teacher told us he wasn’t using any kind of keylogging information or anything, and that he just worked the same process on each of the computers, except he did it in some mass form apperantly, and told us that we would go into some mroe complicated stuff the next trimester.

I honestly feel pretty bad about this now, I wish I could help you. But I did need to get my health credit to graduate. Sorry! #-o

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PS: During our last few weeks in that class he showed us a lot of neat things, I don’t know if this is exactly what your talking about, becuase he never went into much detail, he could have been doing somthing else. But still…

Though, I’m sure you could find any college website and email a Computer related Professor and ask for a little information, they’de probobly be glad to help

Hey when you gotta graduate… you gotta graduate.

I don’t know exactly what that “metadata” or whatever is, but if you delete something, it isn’t really gone. It just tells the computer there’s open space there.

well,i dont know about you,but i have a shortcut to ‘recent documents’ in my start menu. long dead photos on my computer have thier thumnails up in that window. it makes sence you know. dunno where you’d find this ‘i know what you did last summer’ section in a computer but-

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Yeah… I don’t’ think that’s exactly what I’m looking for.

Files, but not x-files.