Metaphor Thread

Insert your crafted metaphors here!

On life

  • A fire burns inside of me that gives me life.

  • I can feel the pulsing of blood through my veins and I know that the blood is life.

On love

  • Love is a labyrinth. I try to escape it, but every path I take seems to lead back to the center.

  • Love is the cage around my heart. It is too tight, so it crushes and wounds me, but I cannot find the key to set myself free.

On hate

  • Hate is a hole deep inside of me that has no bottom. No matter what I do to fill it, it stays empty and consumes me.

beware of cheeze- pericopes are like elbow macaroni crafted from aluminium


The frog will sit on the burner and let you slowly turn the heat up, burning to a cinder without ever trying to jump.

I eat philosophers for breakfast.

the five was looking towards the three and BAM!

it metaphor!


If a dog pisses on your shoe You are probably standing in the wrong place. If life pisses on your shoe, then enjoy the warm feeling, its rare enough.

Sex…is like puking. When you’re drunk off your ass, it’s great. When you would rather be enjoying your day off, it’s an unwelcome intrusion.

You don’t wanna know the truth, you’d rather keep your beliefs,
Whilst we be making mountains rise up out of the sea.

“When the wheel was invented, there was a ‘revolution’.”