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“Landscapes and trees have nothing to teach me! Only the people in the city can do that!” - Socrates

Philosophy is a fundamentally human endeavor. To understand what philosophy really is one MUST understand other people. Spending time in the city is very enlightening for the thinking, reflective individual.

So is napping in a hollow tree.

Reality appears to have employed philosophy in making the universe, ~ something made order and not chaos. …even where it contains chaos.

That people employ philosophy in virtually every thing they think and do, is simply a consequence of this.

Yeah, but the point would be the importance of understanding people in order to understand the various philosophies they concoct. If you spend your days napping in hollow trees as a matter of course, then perhaps you may arrive at some unique philosophical insights, but they probably won’t be about human psychology and the ways it shapes our philosophical convictions. To be fair, they might be about that, but it seems unlikely. i’ve read Thoreau, and i think it’s fair to say his understanding of the human condition is limited. It’s urban existence that breeds human interaction, blending and contrasting ideas, attitudes, egos, backgrounds, viewpoints, personalities, ideologies, everything, in such a way as to fully enable the project of philosophy. At the very least, city life is like the real-world version of university life for thinking people, and in practice so much more than that. Just like the author of the article i doubt if there would be anything resembling philosophy as we know it without human cities.

Something made order from the chaos, yes, but it wasn’t the universe. Or at least, it was only one small, routine speck of the universe - namely humankind. People philosophize, but i doubt if the universe as a whole does. i think that to philosophize requires a human brain.

An area of philosophy is to resolve issues and problem solving. To get to universe there had to be something akin to philosophy [weather within or external to universe], some working out of where things are spatially located and with respect to one another, to manifest laws that govern change such that it isn’t chaos, no?

the human brain possibly mimics that?