Michael Zimmerman

has anyone here read, heard of, or perhaps taken courses with Dr. Michael Zimmerman? he’s written fairly extensively on Deep Ecology and Modernism, aslo Heidegger et al. he currently teaches at Tulane


That’s bizarre, seeing as how I am Michael Zimmerman.

the very same one? or another with a similar name?

that’d be so funny/weird. SO ARE YOU “THE REAL MICHAEL ZIMMERMAN”?!?!

I’m not even the fake Michael Zimmerman.But it would be cool though.
I’m actually quite the imbecile. In the past I would have taken this ruse to the extreme. One time I became three personas and badgered an objectivist christian, writing absurd elaborate theories about how A did not equal A, and that God divided 0 by 0 in order to create the universe, and arguing with myself for days, and letting myself win over my other two selves, to the objectivist christian’s horror. As my alias suggest, I do like to play games. But not here.

but the problem is, I am tricky too. I would have proposed A serious of tests about New Orleans, each more tricky than the last. Hehehehehehe