Mind-is it collective or individual

Mind is Self (just a theory)

Together with atomic nuclei, electrons make up EVERY atom.
Electrons are the pure energy in everything made of atoms.
Electrons exist in the quantum state, i.e. just the single electron but the same as every other electron. Pure electrical energy is naturally a collective.

The physics is everything is formed from combinations of energy; like everything else, a mind is just pure energy plus it’s neurons.All this is saying is for a mind to exist it must be using pure energy firing it’s neurons.
So mind has a collectivity that is pure energy and an individuality that is the neurons. (neurons are a combination of atoms that exist after 4 billion years of unbroken evolution)

Individual self~ your neurons
Collective self~ pure energy
Pure energy + your neurons = your mind.
Pure energy + my neurons = my mind.
Same self with individual minds.

All electrical energy is the same energy. All self is the same self.

To compare the watcher of a mind to the watcher of a movie, collectively there is only one watcher and individually we all have our own movie.

The watcher does not exist without the individual just as the individual does not exist without the collective watcher. They are one in the same.
The only difference is that any particular individual need not exist for the watcher to exist.
Also the individual consciousness has a life span and must reproduce to continue to exist, as in a new mind and body.

I can only say that I experience my individual mind, my movie, but if self is collective “I” experience every life and the world still appears just as it is.

Ahh my first ever post here at ILP.

Life begins on a reproductive path where one life becomes two. The elements that make up that life have proved themselves so far to be eternal, neither having a beginning or an end; if true, a paradox in itself.

If you were to take your own life as a point of reference and imagined you could reproduce in the fashion of the first reproductive life, would you create life from within yourself, or would a paradox exist where you now inhabit both lives?

A paradox where all self is the same self vs creation from within. To me the paradox seems natural where as creation seems supernatural.

The self is a multiplicity, a collection of drives and instincts which do not always act in the service of each other.


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I think sapient consciousness is a extension purely from social phenomena.

Sapient consciousness could indeed be a social construction or fabrication.

( Think about it. We all have to acquire everything at infancy through social intervention up until we are considered adults.)