Of course If you
fool with flames
you’ll feel Satan’s
Handshake. But If
you expect to walk through this
door you will catch
cramps.So If I
Post a topic or
reply and you throw
me a puzzle don’t
look confused when
I hand you the

There is no puzzle,
merely play on words
By the way now I know
why Tab said ileagal
sometimes it takes me a while…
'cause I’m on crack.
and so on…
I just felt like having fun
using words from the definitions
of the words you were playing with…
using m-w.com and look up
and hippocrates
It will all become as clear as day.
Is this a crime?
Are you even talking to me?
Am I talking to myself
'cause I’m on crack?

I said If you throw
me a puzzle don’t
look surprised If I
show you the receipt. What I was
saying is that
some people want to
put subliminal lines In replies
like I don’t know
that It’s phony,
store bought,etc.
Hey I bet he
does’t know what
I’m sliding under
his tire.
Yeah I twist words
I wasn’t the first
but can you point
out who was the
first and last.
It’s all about
putting your style
Into it.
So throw me a post
Or reply with some
bad directions and
I will assure you
I’ll find the

go to
i n f i n i t y
and then tell me
waht your
is.adn if you
get lost
than that is your
that is, if
you can
get lost,
seaching for in

unless you are
always lost
when searching
for it.

I would have to
travel backwards.You get the Idea.My
mind always has a back door.A Rubic’s
Cube with the same
Color:It works In
Any direction.
This is one of my
Last replies.I will
Put up Three more
Topics.I am going
To be very focused
In my artwork.I’m
Talking focused.
So peace
Pm me or E-mail me

“What I was
saying is that
some people want to
put subliminal lines In replies
like I don’t know
that It’s phony,
store bought,etc.”

So you think my play
on words, what you call
was me sending some sort of
subliminal, phony message?
So you think you’re going to show
me where I got my words from?
I got them from you (and Merriam Webster, ahem) –
you don’t think I know that?
I keep track of my receipts, foo’.
And I know it goes way back.

What are you talking about,
sliding stuff under tires?

This is not my style, my style is not so ‘free’
as this form…
I have no idea where you’re going with it…
But have fun wherever you’re going.

hey if you weren’t talking about
my ‘riverine horse’ ditty… thing…
tell me, 'cause…
maybe you’re just talking about
folks who are thought-thieves who
give no credit…

in some sort of…
subliminal ‘maybe no one will notice
that I got this idea from somewhere else’

If that is the case, well then…

I am just here avoiding smoking my last
few cigarettes EVER…
…it’s driving me a bit nuts.
[I checked… there’s four.]

Four is such a small number of cigarettes – I will smoke
them in one sitting…
I know on my last one I will wish I had just one more…
like a mini-panic… that I’ll have to swallow.

I do not depend on that shit.
I will not eat food instead.
Instead of food-eating, I will force myself to
dance like a crazy person.

I won’t be back here for a while until I’m
over sleeping through withdrawls.
Take care.

I agree I’m about
to have fun.I’m
Talking looney fun.
(Blowing whistles)
Ice cream and
Cake for everyone.

Hey I smoked for a
few months but I
stopped because my
Breath smelling like smoke doesn’t
go well with women.
Plus I want to
Set examples to
Kids.Hey kids you
can be Evil without
and smoking.
Peace I’m about to
Eat some cold
Cereal and nod off
It’s 2:32Am.Still
early but I got to
Get Up.
Like Frosty said
Happy Birthday but
It was Christmas.

New name some-
times a typo is
just a typo
no need to go all hypo-
critical on me.
Tabs just killin’
time until the baby
wakes and maybe
needs a bottle
a biscuit
or three.
Cigarettes are awful
precious things to me
I can’t seem to put
them down you see.
I try and try
to get the monkey
off my back
but giving up
I cannot hack.
Anyway I’m not gonna
give you the hard sell
just a little more
semi-rhyming doggerel…

Shit - now I’m addicted to return-key maddness too - will it never end…? :astonished:

“New name some-
times a typo is
just a typo
no need to go all hypo-
critical on me.”

You mean hyper-critical…
No, I just think that just like
it’s okay not to rhyme, it’s okay
not to…
spell. I do believe the typo was
quite on purpose, there seems to be a
surplus of that 'round here…

by the way so far I am super woman
and cigarettes are like steal I am bending…
The house is sparklin’ like stainless
steal, too… hehehe

Yes, kids, you can be evil without smoking…
love that Acceptance. Good to know
there’s people like us out there settin’
the example…

Hot bubble bath time.

lavender incense
and sink into the

get your rubber
ducky out

and invite
me too :wink:

snaps to attention

:astonished: why are you staring at me?

Soapy soapy
rubber ducks
and no more mopey
faces on a smokeless day
bathe to wash the blues away.
scrub scrub
rub a dub
loofers scrape
and fill the tub
with hot water to the brim
file’ya toenails - trim’ya quim.
gurlgle gurgle
gone away
no more soapy suds today
out you get all pink and rosy
into towel deep and cosy.

:smiley: Jaccuzi anyone…?

Yep, anytime as long as you are EIGHTEEN and UP!!!

You mean older?

wonderful poem tab!

rub-a-dub-dub, how many men can we fit in this tub? :wink:
(correction: how many men will fit in this tub with me :evilfun: )

[size=75][Slight bow…][/size]

You do not behave like I did when I was fifteen… that’s for sure…