Mini survey- What do you think about this?

1A) Do you think the universe will exist forever, or that it one day will collapse?

1B) If the universe collapses, what happens with the souls?

2A) Imagine that the time suddenly stop to go, by a scientific reason. Will every kind of energy stop to work? (To be more concrete; do you think all in the universe will freeze, like when you set a movie on “pause mode”?)


The universe is 156 billion light years wide. This is possible because the unverse was expanding faster than the speed of light. You really think that’s gonna collapse? I doubt it. As far as time and the pause button goes, Einstein said that time wouldn’t exist without matter. If you pause time, matter pauses as well. Energy is the interaction of matter to other matter. For instance, electricity. Even electricity is the flow of matter, namely electrons. So if time stopped, it would be just like hitting the pause button while watching a recorded movie.

1A) Do you think the universe will exist forever, or that it one day will collapse?

just want to clearify one thing, even if the universe has colapsed, it is a colapsed universe, which means that the univer must still be there, so it has to exist forever because after it has colapsed it doesn’t just perish into nothingness. or do you think that once it has colapsed it really will turn into nothingness?
well, regarding to souls, if such things as souls really exist, they are imaterial things, they are not extended spacially. so whether the univer is colapsed or whatever state indeed the universe physically is in matters not as far as the imaterial things are concerned.
regarding to time, hmmm, have to think about it a lot more before I write, that is if I reach anything in my mind…

I don’t think that “every kind of energy (will) stop to work.” This statement doesn’t have any meaning within today’s theories. Energy is conserved; if it exists, it must always exist in some form, be it speed or mass or whatever. Nothing that I know of has disproven this. However, in my experience conservation has been treated like an axiom. This of course leaves room for debate.