Missle Defense: social concerns mainly

Ok I thought this topoic could be placed in many places but here I thought was most accurate.
Any ways here are my concerns,

My main question is do you think missle defnes is good and why/why-not?

I am uncertain my self, and think it is a complex matter.

Some of my thoughts:
May not prevent russian attacks but prevents smaller threats.
May induce tension with larger powers, but they’d do it too anyway, and leaves open smaller threats.
If ever completely effective would rid us of nuclear deterent and could result in war by other less deadly means.
But won’t likely be able to be perfet as others update offenses accordingly, typically…
Looking at what happens if immediately stoped:
Other contries keep doing there own.
Some countries keep building offensive missles.
Some normmally lesser threats might become severe threats…

It may be best not to have to do it otr be doing but it seems to me that we at least have to keep doing it untill we can get everyone to stop at once or something…Like convinse russia to stop building more weapons, or to stop there own missle defense as well…
But that seems dangerous as they will likely still think we are doing it, and we will stil think they are doing it…

What do yall think?

This is about nuclear weapon missile defense systems right?

In my opinion, there will never not be a possibility of nuclear war.
If the technology for nuclear attacks exist, someone will build nuclear missiles.
Then everyone else wants missiles to defend themselves against everyone else’s missiles.

We will probably never be able to remove nuclear weapons short of going into another dark age

I think I agree but I want somebody to suggest a good, very hard to argue, likely true, argument against it. If possible.
Here is another I thought of but i think it is insignificant, does anyone think otherwise?:

Could lead to improved targeting systems in missiles such as to reduce ability for rebellion, and allow dominance of 3rd world countries.