money or morals

which do you want…you cant have both…the usa has sold its soul to the devil…so to speak…I don’t believe in a soul or the devil…

I want humanity, instead of machine.

Machines will probably completely replace all human beings. :astonished: :open_mouth:

Turtle says “money or morals”, Artimas says “machines or humanity”; so perhaps we can put both statements together to: “machines and money versus morals and humanity”. When you read that, what do you notice?

Corporate vs nature.

Humans have become machines, not just through creating them, but by suppression of feelings/emotions. Desensitization.

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Money can be the means whereby we feed the hungry and house the homeless.

So can knowledge.

Money speaks louder! :smiley:

But money can run out, knowledge doesn’t.

I learned a valuable lesson from Cannabis. You give a man a bowl, he smokes for an hour; You teach a man to grow a crop, he smokes for a life time. This lesson can be applied to just about anything.

All things will be sacrificed to the highest priority. Nothing else will remain.
Choose accordingly.