Monotheism in Islam

I was thinking the other day about God, wahhabism and Islam. Let’s Say there is only one God and that this God exists alone and has no help from the Holy Spirit or from His Son. To worship one Personal God, a God who you can have communication with and to universalize this personal God so that He has ninety-nine names and a personal voice in your thoughts is to anthropomorphize the lord. It also violates the absolutism of his Godhood. To share in the voice of God is to have something in common. To share with God is to be touched by the divine and to become divine.

  the true monotheism is in fact pantheism, as defined as the worship of an alien and external power. When God is immanent, he shares no voice and personal presence with humanity. Humanity cannot pull itself into the divine.  The sublime and awe-full presence of the Lord cannot be verbalized or personalized with an immanent God. 

 So the final stage of monotheism is pantheism. The worship of the immanent God is most faithfully done in local groves and streams and mountains. 

To anthropomorphize him as such is to limit the power of the Absolute God.