Moo, human gene added to cow: … animal.php

I think that is a cool thing. In general I have no problems with such work. My ego to be superior over and seperate from our fellow creatures is nonexistant. I have no interspeciesgenesplicingmanipulatingphobias if done for such medical or scientific reasons. I am sure I would probably see limits to it and would not approve crossing certain lines.

It would seem that the line between cows, sheep, and humans was blurred a long time ago. Is this real life imitating metaphor?

Is eating meat from such a cow canibalism? It has human genes (matter) in it.

Where do they get the genes, from stem cells?

Cloning’s not the only problem here for me.

I always thought there was something about certain in-laws that reminded me of the animal kingdom, I bet the experiments are deeper than we know. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Shame on you! Your MIL and SIL are NOT cows! :laughing:

Oh Tent, Never mom, I loved that woman dearly, she was a good woman. It is her 10 kids that I think of. I suppose at times I wonder about even my husband :laughing: . Not just Cows either there are some unsavory critturs I think of. I only really like one SIL out of the entire brood. :laughing: :laughing:

I’ve been warning of the dangers of cows for some time. Remember, they can outrun tractors.

So then they can really be called fast food. :laughing: :laughing:

We need to separate the things which challenge our ethics from the things which make us squeamish.

Drinking directly from a cow’s breast seems unnatural. We do it globally and passively. Splicing genes between species (especially our own) seems like “playing god.” We’ve inserted portions of pig’s brains in dieing patients and attempted to make mice grow our new organs.

The idea of splicing a human gene into a cow probably makes us squeamish. We need to identify a specific ethical boundary being crossed. And also, we need to consider wheather we’re just slowing down a trend or redirecting it.

If there’s a victim here, it’s the cow. The article doesn’t discuss the well-being of the organism receiving the human gene whom which we’re using to benefit human beings.

Thinking in terms of species is the dark age. Modelling harmony for organisms is an option.

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