Morality and oppression

So, Let’s say you’re this guy:öning

Why would you do in this situation? How can one person really stop all this?

I am just trying to relate somewhat to the current situation. We have all bought stuff I’m sure which has been made by some kids or people on a slave’s wage in the third world. We always justify it though by saying, it’s not my problem, I don’t make the laws etc… I don’t agree but what can I do… So, is humanity really doomed by the Lucifer Effect? How can one person really make a difference, if at all? Also, in moral philosophy they talk about the “trolley problem”. The general outcome of that is that morality is universal, regardless or religion, colour, nationality etc… The one theme that appears is that, when people are far away, people just don’t give a dam, i.e. when pulling the leaver, dropping the bomb etc… Could that be one reason why the factories are in China? Then we have a contradiction, i.e. people donate money to help in relief for Haiti etc… So, why do people do that when so far away, yet don’t demand that a company helps out some of its employees across the world.

so can one person rally fight oppression when it is next to them? Can people far away give a dam to help that said person, that would have no affect on their own life otherwise?

Personally I feel that living in a western country and sending aid while simultaneously supporting a system that continues to exploit and is in large part responsible for the problems to begin with, is one of the great hypocrisies of our age, right up there with Americans(and everyone supporting them) calling others terrorists.

It’s often true that what we give with one hand we take away with the other. We’re always a mixed bag.

One of the big ways many of us do this is through investing in corporations that themselves work against the very things we might directly support in other ways, for instance with respect to environmental issues.

Is the answer to not have a 401k? Maybe for some people. But that’s definitely a tall order. And people who have some money to retire are people who can work for positive change in the world.

The world is a complex place.

This would be more acceptable if the act of ‘giving’ wasn’t the very means by which the act of ‘taking’ becomes possible. If we imagine a situation where giving wasn’t being done, and the situation in third world countries were worsened without any signs of us ‘giving’ to ‘improve the situation’, it’s very easy to imagine that todays ordinary people would react negatively. In fact, we don’t have to imagine this: it happened. Of course, their REACTION was to send aid, more than likely a suggestion backed by business who were eager to dump all their leftover junk somewhere. This eventually developed into the kind of aid we see today, with very real commitment and empathy, but honestly this is a way of dodging the root of the problem, which is that we caused it and are continuing, as we speak, to cause it.

As a matter of fact, the US condoned the Summer coup and November ‘election’ in Honduras just now, calling it a great victory for democracy or somesuch nonsense. As the only country in the world, might I add. A quick look at the facts reveal a reasonably democratic government who were overthrown right after trying to increase minimum wage, which would upset a whole lot of international companies. Coincidence? Who knows. What we do know is that the election USA condoned was bullshit and that a more totalitarian government is now in place. Naturally this will cause waves of aid money to be sent their way so it doesn’t get TOO bad over there, or at least to make us think so seeing as a good chunk of those funds will inevitably find their way to American-made weapons to keep the suppression going. Aid organizations keep making money, the corporations operating down there stay happy, TV celebrities get to increase their fame and fanbase by dancing and singing Kumbaya with the local children, the UN will make feeble protests and ordinary people will remain blissfully ignorant and keep funding it all. Business as usual.

Despite the human complexity I called attention to, there can still be, and certainly is found in real life, sheer unadulterated hypocrisy? I agree.

Not sure how a 401k plan works, but you can choose what to invest in, no? Anyway, my main point is that people want a better world but as long as they have just enough, food water and entertainment and are not directly involved etc… Then no one will actually do anything. Even if they are directly involved they can justify it by being just a cog in a much bigger machine.

Google British mercenaries in Iraq, there those guys are filming themselves shooting people in cars on the motorway. The people in the cars aren’t even doing anything except driving. So here, we see that some people actually want that and so it is not hard to create an oppressive regime. Only wonder is why there haven’t been more oppressive regimes then there have been.

Only with extremely broad strokes. If you have slightly more radical views than the majority of people do regarding the role of corporations in the world, the answer is no, there is no choice. Either you support what you don’t believe in, or you buck the system completely and pay the price. But… that’s life.