Morality is Justification

Or thetrolley example, compare situations.

Flipping a switch to kill a person
and directly killing a person with your hands.

200,000 people agree 1 is okay and 2 isn’t and can’t explain why they feel this way. When you put them in mri’s the emotional area brrutally struggles with the rational decision making part of the brain. (in situation 2)

Why would this happen in such a way in such a specific context? Society didn’t teach people in 100 different societies that murdering someone with your bare hands is wrong, but flipping a switch to do the exact same thing is okay.

Even behaviors that go against the best interests of the survival of the gene probably are created by other behaviors that ARE in the best interests of the gene.

Take the disgusting example of incest.

One of the evolutionary built-in behaviors is to look at babies and children as “cute”. This psychology is useful to create a protective behavior in grown ups since youngsters are very vulnerable.

Another built-in behavior is the sex drive.

See where I’m headed with this?

It doesn’t take a lot of thought to come up with one or more impulses that make a lot of sense evolution-wise, but when skewed, create behavior that is hurtful to the survival of the gene pool.

So that’s an interesting challenge: take destructive behaviors and think of possible evolutionary positives that could explain it.

Have fun.

According to moral skepticism morality isn’t really defined into being anything.

This doesn’t help your innate biological sequence on the topic of morality.