Morally wrong for a woman to teach children not of her blood

It’s morally wrong for women to teach and educate children not of her own blood.

Women should only be allowed to teach and educate their own children, not others’.

Orphaned, abandoned, parentless children should only learn from male teachers, never females.

So why is it morally wrong?
Only of her blood or only her children? Two different things you said there.

That’s an awful lot of declarations and an awful small amount of reasoning or rationale.

Should we just assume you’re a weird, moralist, sexist and ignore the thread entirely?

Or did you have something to discuss?

I disagree. (I’ve now given as many reasons as you)

Well, I do not think that you actually mean it. This is a provoking statement done intentionally by you to force others to refute it.

Without falling in your trap, i would like to make just one comment.

Extreams are neither possible nor wise to follow.

I leave you with that.

with love,

I’m kind of curious what ideology, if any, supplies this view. I’ve never heard it before.

I think it is just a trolling thread. No backup at all.
Although I do see classist possible arguments far more then gender. We could take it that a parent teacher could keep the child in the same group or class or push them forward or back.

That seems like such an extream thing to follow. Is it possible? :-k