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Another thing, which just came to mind is that a forum of this kind offers us the chance to meet up with active, philosophical thinkers from around the world.
This morning, for instance, I communicated with an African gentleman, philosophically.
I observed that people in underdeveloped countries are more appreciative and grateful for philosophical help. I suppose it’s due to the great suffering they face and experience day in day out. Australians, for instance, are rather arrogant in this regard, because there materialistic needs are too easily met. Yet, this misleads to complacency and discontentment of a different kind. That’s why Australia has the highest youth suicide rate in the world. From what I observed, it’s rather an artificially induced, philosophical and psychological problem than a genuine cause. (I see no reason at all for suicide!)
Another great source of wisdom offer us the good ol’ senior citizens! Instead of encouraging them to waste away, by sittn’ on the beach and watching sand… I challenge them to put their gained wisdom onto paper “hard copy”. This way they will leave a permanent footprint of their mind on Earth. It’s no use to waste it by taking it selfishly six-foot down with you! Create and a little monument of philosophical wisdom for us to admire and remember you! It’s the way to go…> Jokingly I said to friends: “Is there something you are able of, what differentiates you from the abilities of my dog?” Going a step further: “Mention one thing you are almost uniquely able of?” With that I intended to indirectly challenge and question their philosophical development, in the hope to awake and motivate them, philosophically. Unfortunately, their complacency got the better of them. Now, pious organizations managed to get hold of (their feeble minds) them. Soon they will be fit to watch sand on the beach…until the day sand covers their eyes! jjj

Hi jjj,

Having read your posts over the past week, every time I read one I feel like I have learnt nothing. I’ve been racking my brain, trying to pinpoint what it is exactly that irritates me about your posts but i’m finding that quite a hard task. Believe me when I say this is with all due respect, I would like us to have some sort of debate about this. I can only give a vague account of how i feel about your posts.

In almost every post you come across as arrogant and condescending. At we try to foster a community which allows everyone to educate and be educated. You seem to want to educate but never be educated. What is philosophy if you are just preaching? A lot of the time your posts seem to be incoherent. Perhaps I’m just not understanding them, but either way, your points are definitely not coming across. They seem vague and waffly and don’t actually make any points which i can latch onto and go “oh yes i agree with that”. I think the only thing you’ve actually said in the entirety of your posts is that you advocate ‘logical morality’ a term which you have yet to give a coherent example of or give a definition for.

Another thing is, you seem to start a lot of your own topics and fill your own agenda (selling your brand of philosophy usually) but never contribute to other discussions. Once again, this just amounts to preaching rather than philosophising.

The bottom line is, even if you are saying anything in your posts, which I don’t think you are anyway, your manner is so obnoxious and arrogant that I’m finding it difficult to grasp your point because of it.

I’m sorry if this sounds harsh but I think it’s time I said it before the forums become suffocated by this kind of post.

Feel free to challenge me on this of course…

  • ben

N.B - I make this comment as a member of the community and not as administrator :smiley:

Hi ben,

I agree, to some people my style may come across as “arrogant and condescending”. I’m afraid to answer, because: now, if I try to explain why, to you it again it will only sound “as arrogant and condescending”. I’ll try not to be: It must be that my personal, philosophical success has spoiled me! What else? That’s why I love to share my formula with you aspiring candidates… My formula for philosophical development worked for me! That’s why I can’t see why it should fail to work for you? In order to convince you I have to show off my talents… it’s not meant to put you down. It’s meant to encourage and motivate you… Some of you might well misinterpret my good intentions, because they had bad experiences. It’s true, there’s more bad intent than good in our world.
That you were unable to learn a thing from me saddens me. It must be that you misread my good intentions, too. It must be that your mind interprets everything I write as “arrogant and condescending”. How can I “humble up” in order to sound encouraging and motivating? I’m bad in psychology! :frowning: jjj

please understand that I have entered this discussion only so that we can all come to a clearer understanding, to distinguish the understood from the misunderstood and to focus in on the misunderstood in order to bring it over to the understood side. Having said that, I must say that I agree with Ben and hold as my purpose to make his point more succinct, if I may. Ben, please don’t take this as some kind of attack or jibe against you, it isn’t.

So here goes…
jjj stated:

I couldn’t agree more.

jjj stated:

Here you are treading a thin line. You may have had no intention of this, but here is what the above is getting across if we focus on your words, since we don’t really know who you are. 1) That those in underdeveloped countries, or those in need of help, are more appreciative and greatful for philosophical help. As if to say, they should be. I’m not saying you said that, but it does appear that way. Even if this isn’t the case, you have a far way to go to reason out, rationalize, or provide some kind of evidence to support you statement that those in underdeveloped countries are more appreciative and grateful. Lastly, there is a sense in which you are saying that those in developed countries are stuck up snobs who care not for help. It’s not that they don’t care for it, or aren’t grateful for it, it’s just that often times they don’t need it because the nation has taken care of their basic needs. Which leads me directly to your next point…

jjj stated:

Although your experience may be that Australians are arrogant, mine has not been. You tread close to fine line (as I stated in the above paragraph) because you are leading to far-reaching generalizations. You should never label a nations people by the nations leaders acts, nor of anything that someone else has said that is general about the people. Furthermore, for you to say that their needs are TOO EASILY met, is to carry the connotation that their needs should not be met in the way that they are. If this is your opinion, that is fine. But note it as only your opinion, and GIVE YOUR REASONING.

jjj stated:

How does this follow? This is almost incoherent. Are you trying to say that because Australians have their needs met, they commit suicide? This is utterly absurd. Although I am not trying to say you are wrong on the next point I do have to ask, “can you provide me with the source which states that Australia has the highest youth suicide rate in the world”?

jjj stated:

What exactly is your definition of a ‘genuine cause’? Your last statement leads to your pretenciousness that Ben speaks of, you continually talk as though what you say is the way the world works, as though you are speaking fact. Just because you don’t see any reason for suicide, it doesn’t mean there is no reason for suicide. We all have our reasons for different things, including suicide. Although there may be patterns and general similarities, please remember that no two human beings are alike, and we should never presuppose that anyone is so simple that we can merely say they act with a lack of reason. No one acts without reason, whether they are consciously aware of it or not. Moreover, you haven’t provided any explanation for why suicide is more of a philosophical or psychological problem rather than a reason. This also makes it sound as though philosophy and psychology are not based on reason, which they are.

jjj stated:

You’re prejudging! You can’t get anymore pretencious than to say that seniors are wasting away by sitting on the beach watching the sand, they have worked hard to be able to do that in order to relax and feel happy. There are those who believe happiness is the whole purpose of life. I’m not saying I agree with them, nor am I saying I don’t agree with them, my sole purpose is to show you that you cannot press your ideas upon others, or else you will invariably become a pretencious prick who judges everyone around them, in order to make everyone like you, as though you were something great to be. Just because seniors don’t want to spend their last portion of their life writing “hard copy” doesn’t mean they are selfish, nor does it mean that they are wasting away.

jjj stated:

You think a book is a monument? What makes you think that writing a book makes people admire you? You think all authors and all books are admired? Furthermore, are you so neive to think that people should have as their goal to write books so that they are admired and not because they have something to share which they believe they should share?

jjj stated:

Now I see why I missed your humour in another thread. If to you comparing your friends to dogs is funny, because they must defend themselves in order to stand as more in your head than your dog. You could have asked the question in a much less demeaning and derogetory way and still get the same idea across. Don’t get me wrong, there is enormous philosophical value in differentiating humans from animals, I’m merely telling you that the way you formulated your question is pretencious.

jjj stated:

I guess you also believe that the ends justify the means no matter how horrible the means may be. I would also imagine that you are the type that never admits wrong, because you simply justify it with anything good that came from it. You could have posed the question much more philosophically and simply asked your friends “what do you think separates humans from animals?”.

jjj stated:

If you fail to see just how pretencious, precocious, capricious, and fallow you are in the above statement, then there is no reasoning with you. Just because your friends didn’t answer to your liking, doesn’t mean they have feeble minds. In fact, I would argue that it is you who has a feeble mind by being so quick to judge, to think yourself so high an mighty that you are always correct and that you could actually put yourself on a higher level than another.

jjj stated:

Yes, soon they will be fit to watch sand on the beach, until the day sand covers their eyes…but I would rather truly live the majority of my life with open and clear eyes and then watch the sand on the beach as a senior, rather than live my entire life with sand over my eyes - get the picture?

In your defence, I know what you are trying to get at. People spend most of their lives hiding the wisdom they have in order to keep ahead of others, since it’s all about the fittest survive - but then when they get old they have no more need to compete and should share that knowledge with the rest of the world so that their children, and their childrens children dont have to make the same mistakes they did and so that progression continues. But, as you can see, I have said the same, albeit more succinctly, more compressed, more to the point, and most importantly…without putting anyone down while also not saying that I think I am the best, the smartest, and so forth as comes across in your post. Hence, just watch how you try to deliver your points. We had a few people who came to ILP playing mind games, contradicting themselves, lying, and so on - only to claim afterwards that their idea was so complex that the only way to make us understand was to do what they did. It is people like that, and like you, who truly have feeble minds and can’t find a way to be humble with knowledge, and instead the minute they learn anything that can’t be defeated they go about the world claiming it for themselves (or atleast talking as though it was) and using it to put others down and themselves up.

What’s your take?

This guy’s not arrogant and condescending, he’s just fucking boring. And he knows that that’s the case and does try to fix it - by going on…and on… and on… purely in the hope that something he says will be vaguely interesting. It probably won’t be, ever. It seems to be a bit of a Jonio situation - if you heard yourself you’d be embarressed.

Instead jjjj, I reckon if you listen to some other people then spend some good time thinking abuot what’s going on you could probably come up with some good stuff to say, and that would get Ben off ur back.

Talk less, listen and think more dude.

I had considered myself a patient person, until I started debating with JJJ in another thread (if you can even call it debating). For a second, I thought I was being too hard on the guy, which I probably still am, but at least I know now that I am not the only one that feels this way.

It’s nice that you give me first a choice to clarify my thinking. My German-English may the cause of it.

  1. I know, discrimination is never remote, but I really didn’t mean, “they should be”. No! You see I too come from a horrible, communist background and thus, I experienced materialistic poverty first hand. You know, this teaches you to appreciate wisdom and quality of life.

  2. I used to be Australian for over 30 years… Trust me, I know how the majority of young Australians think and act. Almost daily I was surrounded by youngsters. I even discussed philosophical matters with them. 100th of them bought my books. Need I to say more? (Please don’t mistake it as “arrogance”) It’s fact!

  3. The “Sydney Morning Herald” ran several editorials about youth suicide in Australia. I studied it. Most suicidal, young people in Australia lived in well to do families. A paradise! Most families are divorced, separated or unhappy. It’s a materialistic oriented society, just like USA. Due to lack of EPE (early, philosophical education) most youngsters are philosophically confused and vulnerable. It usually doesn’t take them long to get hooked on tobacco and drugs. I think now you know…“how it follows coherently”.

  4. I think the main reason why some people consider suicide is lack of EPE…
    I wouldn’t want to miss my contentment & quality of life for anything!

  5. Most old people don’t like to relax and relax… (They got the next millennia to do it!) They want to enjoy quality of life! Teaching their wisdom to the young is one of their joys and duties. Unfortunately they have been discouraged to do so, because “today’s youth” spits them in the face…for that. Thus, they say to themselves: “Let them find out the hard way!” I don’t blame them.

  6. Leaving audible or visible testimony of your talents, such as emotionally, creative works of art is undoubtedly something of lasting value to be proud of.

  7. I love to shock my friends with “dramatized statements”. They love my originality and don’t want it any other way… But I only gained their friendship after proving myself worthy. I worked hard at it and got there.

:sunglasses: Pious people reckon animals have no soul! I think they have… “I reason… we aren’t fallen angels, but rather risen apes!” So, watch out which way you scratch your chest! (Apart from that, I reckon it’s the security grill which separates us from vicious animals in the zoological gardens.) Back to serious work!

  1. Finally, I thank you for showing me that you can turn around co-operate with me. In fact my true intentions are meant positively. I show off purposely, because I believe to have all reasons to show off. It wasn’t always like that. Young people need an examples - a model. This is what I try to achieve: I like to teach you my know-how, because my philosophy proved itself to be effective. Since the pattern of my philosophical development program is universally transferable, I cannot see how it should fail to guide you to quality of life, too.
    On a positive note, I like to ask you to rather offer me advice (than to merely bombard me with negativity) of how I can serve the young ones philosophically? Maybe my method is being misinterpreted; at least in your neck of woods…? jjj

I know I’m responding to one and the same person, using various registration names. I don’t mind it. The problem is that that person is going through a difficult time and whilst not allowing himself to progress philosophically. - Consistent insults and aggressive responses are getting us nowhere. I’m glad that I will be the lesser loser! In a way I can understand that I have to blame myself by showing off my talents all too openly (“unashamingly”…you like that better?), for it easily attracts envy. On the other hand, I also mentioned that I’m aged over 61 and no match for a youngster in his twenties or thirties. I simply had more time on hand to process my life experience. As mentioned, trust me I did my homework. I expected you (especially you!) to have gained already far more philosophical insight than you are showing thus, far. That’s why I suggest you refrain from further insulting and derogative remarks or I simply have to curtail my responses to gain more time to respond to constructive postings. Peace jjj

One of a kind.

He’s one of a kind!!!

Welcome back Smooth,

Thank you for offering me “an excuse”… and place for my egocentricity.
You have no idea what I went through! I was bitten from all sites by ferocious wow-wows… but I managed to knock them out and escape in time. I waited in vain for your diplomatic assistance…
For a while it’s quite stimulating and challenging, but then each asked (highly immature) questions, which requires a 3 pages of DIN A4 size response for each question. If I don’t come up with it, my reasoning is being dismissed and I was degraded. You should see the language they use… I don’t like to supplement my vocabulary with this type of English. I rather improve my Spanish with beautiful words. (Aqui ese palabra no se dice, eso se hace!) jjj

JJJ stated:

No, in fact you are talking to a number of people. In fact, the few people who have tried to come in logged on as more than one person were caught quite quickly. It’s quite easy actually, all it takes is a little know-how with tracing IP addresses. Nowadays, it’s made so user friendly that anyone with five minutes reading time can learn how to do it. So, don’t worry about there being someone out there who is logging in as more than one person so they can bash you.

JJJ stated:

Again with the pretenciousness. What could you possibly know about any one of our lives, whether we are having a difficult time or not?

JJJ stated:

Yes, you are the lesser loser of the loser you have imagined you are arguing against. But that very person is simply a figment of your imagination. You’ve already made up that he is signing in as more than one person and that he is having a difficult time in his life.

JJJ stated:

This really killed me (phrase used to account for bewilderment for what one has said). Up until now I have been speaking about how you appear to be pretencious, well you have now convinced me that you ARE pretencious. And there is only one way I deal with pretencious people…you’ll figure it out soon enough. Come oh wise one and let us take a walk into the Coliseum where we can dual on ANY topic of your choice. For your information I am 24 years old. So that fits nicely into your notion of me being no match for you. So, pick ANY topic in the whole world that you wish to discuss, and I will show you to be the fraud that you are. I await your response…

JJJ stated:

So? Just because you have lived longer doesn’t mean you have had more experience or more knowledge in anything. One can live decades with misconceptions, misnomers, and contradictions. I’ve met my share of both wise and utterly ignorant 60 year olds. Even Octagenarians have astounded me both with their wisdom and with their ignorant premises.

JJJ stated:

I guess no one, in your 60+ years has ever taught you to back up the things you say, especially when you judge and label others. Furthermore evidence of your ignorance, no matter what age you are.

JJJ stated:

Curtail all you want, the challenge has been made, stand to it or start posting like some kind of intellectual human being. Otherwise, I don’t think you will enjoy the rest of your time here.

What’s your take?

To Magius-



You are still at it …insulting me where you can!

How do you want me to respond and to defend my arguments, if you made sure that there are no arguments left for me to defend?

I don’t know what to do with you! I think “as time goes by” things may improve… between us :smiley:

I know I made a terrible splash… coming in, but I meant it good after all!
You know, people often mistook my gestures as negative… and then were very sorry about that! Maybe I’m to blame too… Nobody is perfect! :laughing:

I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, jjj, that you genuinely do mean good. BUT … Means are not always ends.

To reiterate what Ben Magius (Gadfly to you) Matthew E Matt and quite a few other people have been saying, is a place to teach and learn. The latter is in fact more important than the former. I do not know your national cultural or spiritual origin, but you do not seem as familiar with the tools of logic and the spirit of open honest teaching and learning as we here at ILP enjoy and try to foster.

It may be a huge undertaking to try and acclimatise yourself to this kind of environment, but it is, however, an undertaking you MUST go through with if we are to take you as seriously as you seem to be wanting.

Philosophies are not bought and sold on ILP; they are traded.

While vacuuming the house (with my invented central system> unit outside) I had an idea: I think unconsciously I joined this forum to promote in the hope to meet up with some equally minded individuals. My initial idea was to exchange some basic, philosophical thoughts and from that hoping to build up a trusty association with say, two to 4 individuals. Since we know each other only through forum contact a healthy amount of distrust is to be acceptable. Since I invested some 45 years of hard work into philosophical pondering and truly believe that my philosophical guidelines are an invaluable tool for personal, philosophical development, I would suggest accepting my work as the base for “something at all on the table”. From then in co-operation our association would refine every aspect of my work. Having re-written the entire concept, we would then aim at publishing our work and enjoy and share our success and last not least the profits as well. - How about that? Just an idea… Take it or leave it! (But of course if you aspiring philosophers don’t stop rubbishing my endeavor to create something constructive together, then there’s nothing for you to take or to leave!) jjj

… but you’re not actually being constructive at all! Not by any stretch of the imagination. You’re just flooding the forums with stuff that doesn’t mean anything, at all. And it’s not because we’re blind to the overwhelming profundity of your writings, but it’s because they don’t actually mean anything. You’re not actually saying anything. Bejaysus. If you want to stay here, look carefully at what we say. Notice the substance and meaning and the interplay between all the concepts we use. Then compare it with you write, and note how flimsy and dull nearly everything you say is. I wouldn’t be so harsh if I trusted you, but I don’t. Why are you so keen to ‘sell’ ‘our’ ideas. Read the last line of my last post again, and again, again, and please please please - …

I don’t like your McDonald’s BigMac either… Eat them yourself! :laughing: jjj

jjj stated:

Depending on the definition of insulting you choose, it could be said that you have insulted me numerous times before I said the slightest bad thing towards you. That is not meant as an excuse, I actually feel bad about my behavior towards you. You see, this community, specifically the moderators and admins have made me realize, whether intentionally or unintentionally, that there is a better way to dealing with people like you. It can be done in a nice, civilized, non-derogetory and non-hostile way. Certain people and books that I have come into contact with in my life have shown me the enormous power and benefit of dealing with people like you in a nice way - I have, ever since, tried to find ways of implementing such knowledge.

jjj stated:

I have only used logic and rationality against you, so if I have made sure that there are no arguments left for you to defend, it would appear that I have explained myself properly. It would also seem that you have more reason to drop your own ideas and accept mine as they pertain to your above quote.

jjj stated:

Respect me…

Let that sink in a bit. Respect me and I’ll respect you. Actually, you’re a lucky lottary winner today at ILP…today you will be respected despite your ability or lack thereof of respecting me back. If you respect me and the things I have to say that aren’t hurtful to you, then we will get along fine. Speak to me like an equal, not as a subordinate. One of my University Professors once said: “You should always assume that the person you have met is just as smart as you if not smarter. Hold this view until it has been proven otherwise” - to put it more succinctly…Smart until proven idiotic (innocent until proven guilty). So until I give you a reason to believe I am an idiot, speak with me as though I was as smart as you or smarter. Instead, you came here speaking with ALL of us as if we were ALL idiots and you were doing us a favour. Remember, you obviously aren’t as smart as you hold yourself to be, otherwise you would have convinced all of us of your intelligence a long time ago. You have failed miserably as far as making us understand or even like you. You have had a completely negative effect on most, if not all of us. Nevertheless, as Dale Carnegie once said: “That is what every successful person loves: the game. The chance for self-expression. The chance to prove his or her worth, to excel, to win…The desire to excel. The desire for a feeling of importance.” I wish to allow you the best opportunity I can possibly give you to excel, to prove your worthiness, to win. In order to do this and without greatly harming myself and others on ILP, you must understand that our discussion must be based on some kind of common footing. This footing must be of a sort that transcends borders and cultures. I propose that this footing must be logic and rationality. Hence, I am saying that these are the two elements that are often missing from your posts. There is one other element I should mention, it is that you state many obvious truths. You speak of them to us as though we would have never figured it out without you…for example, one of your posts pertains to excess sex and how your friend based his entire relationship with his significant other on sex, and that the relationship failed. We all know the jjj. We are on a philosophical plateau much higher than that, you will have to do your best to step up to the plateau we are on so you don’t seem so pretencious to us. It’s either that or we are going to think that you are a 16 year old pretending to be wise. We are beyond obvious truths, so you can now cease and desist from making numerous posts that appear to be directed toward kindergarden kids (slight embelishment).

One more thing…after reading many of your posts, an idea dawned on me. Did you spend most of your life in a socialistic country? The reason I ask is that I grew up in one and visited many others. One common theme amongst all of them was that children are completely stupid. All children are talked to by adults as though they were giving them favours, you know, sharing their experience in life with them. There is a certain patronize tone to all of them and they care not for anything the child may have to say back. They literally expect the child just to shut up and listen to them ramble on about anything and everything, and then say thank you when the adult has finished exulting themselves and taking all the energy away from the child (a slight metaphysical idea). If this is so, please understand that it is the wrong way to be, and that you end up doing more harm than good in the end. I know, cause I had to make my own father get out of this pattern. I remember my cousin came to visit us once, with her child; they stayed for about 45 minutes of which my father spent 44 minutes telling her what to do with her life, how to act, how to talk, etc, etc. He didn’t even realize he did it when I told him afterwards. In the same way I’m not sure if you realize exactly what you are doing or how you are sounding. But the only way we are going to get anywhere, is if you begin to take what we say seriously.

There are many young people on this board, but believe me I have seen some of them outsmart some members who have PhD’s. Speaking of which, what is your educational background if you don’t mind my asking?

There is a definite problem here jjj, as Dale Carnegie also once said: “When we are not engaged in thinking about some definite problem, we usually spend about 95% of our time thinking about ourselves.” - You have done alot of that here, you need only go through your own posts to see the evidence. You are willing to talk about anything you want to talk about, but the minute someone wants you to elaborate, explain, or substantiate a claim you either ignore them or tell them that they are being mean to you.

I’m afraid that by not listening to others, by not taking them seriously, you will have missed out on much in the last years of your life. I work by reciprocity, I have spent many hours on your words, sentences, and ideas. I have admired some, criticized others, and asked for further elaboration on the rest. I have answered all your claims, labels, questions, and accusations. You on the other hand have not. In this you have wronged me, not only me but others as well. Please take the time to think about this.

~Magius (aka Gadfly)

Gadfly stated:

I thought you said you want to stop offending me…

“Remember, you obviously aren’t as smart as you hold yourself to be…>>> You have failed miserably as far as making us understand or even like you. >>>We are on a philosophical plateau much higher than that>>>It’s either that or we are going to think that you are a 16 year old pretending to be wise.”

Question: So when will you actually stop offending me?
Respect me and I’ll respect you, but don’t… (Do I have to do it first?)

Then you wrote:

"You are willing to talk about anything you want to talk about, but the minute someone wants you to elaborate, explain, or substantiate a claim you either ignore them or tell them that they are being mean to you."
My answer:
That's not true! I wrote my finger wound, trying to explain my reasoning. 

To you I admit having curtailed my responds, because you were out of bounds nasty (…like phlegm). With Matthew I finally got along… We now managed to be polite to each other. I was really shocked by your nasty responds and that’s why I played blind. English is not my native language that’s why I have to defend myself differently. At least I wasn’t using the same sort of foul language of yours. I did it my way! The common “footing of culture & borders” you transcended were really disgusting… towards me senior citizen! Please hold your horses… The patronizing tone was my response to your horribly, offending language. We got a better culture here in Chile, let me tell you. People are very polite to each other and sadly, everyone seems to know how some “gringos” behave. That’s not very nice. How come, most Americans were so wonderful to me while I was performing my musical talent in public? Could it be that isolated pockets of academic youth in USA share the sort of “culture & borders” you displayed towards me? This is not meant to offend or patronize you. The tone could just be “your culture” or custom? From beginning all of you (youngster academics) were just hostile. It must have been “my big entry splash”, which didn’t go down well. I was thinking show them your talents! I didn’t expect your response to be sooo demeaning. My musical talent suddenly was “non-existing” anymore and my personal, philosophical success didn’t mean a thing to all of you. (Congratulation on you negative co-operation!) Are your academic, philosophical experiences far superior? You know in life only counts what actually works. That’s why I thought: if these blokes are fair-dinkum (Austr.) they are going to be curious how I did it without academic primers… The thing is, (I said it 10X) >> my philosophy provided me with highest-possible, lasting contentment and quality of life. If this is meaningless to you I wonder what a philosophical forum is all about? Do I need academic papers, borders & culture to prove my eligibility? You see …you seem to be the one too high on the horse! My pride consists in factual, personal, philosophical success. My websites provide some proof of it. (Please allow me to verify your website.) My website (click above “About Me”) is going to disclose to you how little academic training I enjoyed in my life! Please don’t hold it against me… I warn you, naughty academic! Listen to the sound samples of my natural talent. It’s all true I claim there. That’s why I was so proud and eager to make friends with young Americans, like you. I had no clue that you are that hard to win over. I thought, they got two healthy ears and a top brain in between… God bless America! I say no more… Respectfully, jjj

Okay, enough is enough!

Hey Triple J, what’s going on? Earlier you welcomed me back. If you were to surf the other forums I think you would notice that I have actually kept up my obessions with this website. I have noticed what has been going on around here, and so has every single person who logs on.

To begin, I know exactly what everybody is talking about. In a certain point of veiw, it seems as though you came out of nowhere and started acting like the boss of I have been here for a short time, but I have read a good portion of the firsts threads. That is something I like to do. I like to read the threads that started in December 2001 when Macca and Muslim Representative were regulars. When Ben could be seen more actively participating in different debates. I do this because I am here in this forum to learn.

I see your side of things as well. It seems to me that you really want to teach everybody what you came to a conclusion in your mind. Problem is that alot of us came to similar conclusions as well already so these things don’t sound new.

What has fascinated me about you is your character. I must admit, you have pizzaz. You are a natural entertainer, and while I could respect and admire that in you, I also realize that this isn’t the place for it. This thread belongs in Mundane Babble, or the Rant House for its content. It could easily turn into a discussion of the The Social Contract if we wanted to, but it hasn’t.

I have no interest in insulting you, or being your enemy. It doesn’t satisfy my self-interest of learning to do so. While compared to 92% of ILP I’m an idiot, I like to hear what it is you have to say. But it seems that you are, in a way, flooding this forum with a lot.

I suggest you take Magius (Gadfly) up on his challenge. Go to that new forum they have for debates, and formally battle each other. Take your pick at a topic and defend it. See if it holds up. I think you are the man because you make me laugh. Whenever it seems that someone has you down, you come back by saying something like:

jjj wrote:

And I think that is great. You let nobody bring you down. And that is good. But listen to Pangloss. Come and learn with the rest of us, instead of having to teach. The way I learn here is not by those who teach. By far. I have learned on indirectly. It is by seeing the multiple sides of an issue, that I could begin to see a clearer picture of the topic at hand. Shit, I didn’t know what nihilism was until Jedi_Pocky mentioned it.