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the cut, run and surrender policy of the liberal democRATS is being trashed by their source of “fair” news…

damn… will the democRATS have to boycott the communist news network for being right wing liars too?


It’s not a matter of cutting and running. To commit blood and treasure in a foreign war there has to be a compelling national interest. What interest remains in our exposing our troops and draining our budget in a chaotic cauldron of civil war and insurgent attacks? The best course is to invest in combattting the terrorist forces the Iraq misadventure has helped to breed and to turn our attentions to prevent Iran from taking advantage of empowering their Shi’ite brethren from conquering the rival fanctions and establishing a puppet Islamic Theocracy in league with a prospective nuclear Iran. Iran is the problem and we need to free up resources being wasted on an unwinnable, useless effort that was never a threat.

Too bad Bush got American caught in that death trap to begin with.

More often its the so-called conservatives that whine about the media.

no, iraq is no longer a threat because of this war. iran will soon follow. but iran will glow in the dark.




And there you have it.

We can never leave Iraq.

And the doomsday scenarios that try to scare us from leaving Iraq? They are simply the next stage. The only difference is that if America did/is doing/will do it, it’s a good thing. If it happens after America leaves, it’s a bad thing.

A 100$ a barrel? A small price to pay knowing that we kicked some ass.

Nuking Iran? They had it coming.

Innocent people dieing? There are no innocents in this war. Bin Laden said so.

And we all know that the wingnuts try to please him every chance they get. … hp?id=9302

I have a friend who says he is going to Iraq in 2008 for some sort of campaign in the army.

So that should tell you somthing.