More guns, more death, more government control

More guns, more gun crime, more violent deaths, more paranoia, more social fragmentation, more police, more government control. Brainwash the people into thinking they need more guns, and to fear everyone else. Divide and conquer, it’s the oldest trick in the book.


Divide and conquer works the way that you have different treaties with different kinds of people so that they don’t unify against you because their relationships with you are different for each of them.

The social fragmentation taking place is not because of guns. That fragmentation is inevitable.

There is nothing inevitable about social fragmentation, but one sure way of creating it is to flood a country with guns. The fear and paranoia this creates will do your work for you.

The guns by themselves wouldn’t do it. You could dump seven trainloads of guns in Berne, and the sensible Swiss would crate tem up and stash them in a secure warehouse until they had time to hold a referendum on whether the guns should be redirected, kept or destroyed.

For the guns to do as much harm as they do in the US, you also need a schizophrenic culture. Idealistic and cynical at the same time; undisciplined in its celebration of militarism; insecure and cocky; an adolescent with far too much power and far too little education.
Plus, of course, it’s never been a single, coherent nation; it’s always been a dis-united collection of states in uneasy, mutually suspicious alliance at best, open warfare at worst. They keep re-enacting a hideous civil war that hasn’t properly ended.
Dividing such a nation doesn’t take a Machiavelli - any idiot with a megaphone can turn anxious, hostile people against other people they already feared and loathed.

The Swiss have four different languages, so why aren’t they similarly divided?

If you already have mutual hostility and mistrust, the very worst thing you can do it make the place awash with guns.

It has been the case historically again and again and there are vital reasons for that.
And by the way just because there are no gun shootings and social unrest doesn’t mean that a country isn’t in the process of social fragmentation.
It could just mean that the mechanisms which prevent social unrest are well established in a region.

As for Switzerland, the country is socially fragmented. What keeps and kept their confederacy together is pressure from the outside. It’s more attractive for them to be playing ball with each other than having to play ball with their surrounding neighbor states and being piece by piece assimilated by them. That’s their historic development.
Because they are aware of their social fragmentation they have strong regional governments with more power, more powerful than usual anyway. This keeps them all happier.

Imagine they were going to implement some idea that people from one Canton have to move and mix with people from another Canton in the name of fighting social fragmentation. Their society would either break apart or their society would become comprised of something like so called atomized individuals. Maximizing social fragmentation but limiting the power of the individual to resist it.

Whatever the cause of the fragmentation, guns make it a million times worse.

Use the guns to create the belief that guns are the bad thing to disallow in the hands of the populous that is to be dominated. If they won’t shoot each other enough, go shoot a few and place a lantern on them.

Without fear and war, socialist governments cannot maintain themselves. They lose any reason to exist. So they play false flag games in the effort to be God.

Who benefits whenever there’s a mass shooting? The gun companies, whose profits surge. The government claims to want to do something about it, but never does, because the gun industry pulls the financial strings.

Exactly who might profit most at any one moment is irrelevant to the concern of the method for control … which was being used long before there was ever any gun corporations of any kind.

Usury, false-flags, war-profiteering, terrorism, and scapegoating all go hand in hand in creating an artificial control mechanism now called “Socialism”. The few on top of the pile pulling the strings stay hidden (the “serpents”) so as to avoid accusation and the loss of the power to manipulate the populous.

Guns are merely one more recent example of how the populous is under constant manipulation with strong help of “the media”. And when the media doesn’t help properly, they become an example (Parker and Ward - sacrificing of the innocent, “virgin sacrifice” - as old as it gets).

Have you any idea what socialism actually is? It was socialism that created a free health service for all UK citizens, for example.

Yes, I do.

It does little good to try to catch fish without bait, little fish.

Socialism is a movement that sprang up from the working classes. The sort of war mongering and profiteering elites you are talking about are characteristic of right wing regimes.

Yeah, right, Virginia. We’ll keep that secret from Marx.

Several reasons. Longer history, better political and social organization; a very different experience and understanding of nationhood; a high standard of living and education. Maturity.

I didn’t.
If there is profit to be made, capitalists never hesitate to do the very worst thing.

Socialism existed long before Marx, and Marxism, as a branch of socialism, isn’t even particularly influential any more.

The celebration of diversity through establishing borders helps to reduce fragmentation within the newly established sub-groups.
Weapons are then used at the borders so there is less tension within the societies.
More weapons eventually help to reduce social fragmentation by localizing diversity.

the biggest industry in the usa is weapons of all kinds…that is what we offer to the world now

Gun control song, made by a whiny feminist hipster near you.

Let’s ban tornadoes.

Let’s eat Mickey D’s and lock up animal’s in cages, castrating and butchering them, rather than going hunting and killing them naturally.

Let’s ban nature and give the government all the power. Then we will be free.