More Obama

I think US business ultimately wants to be relieved of the burden of paying for health insurance for their employees. I think that’s one of the reasons Obama was elected. One of the reasons that Wall St is behind him. Wall St doesn’t invest in the GDP - it invests in companies - companies that will be more profitable if the citizenry as a whole pays for health care. Even taxing the “rich” will net those “rich” people more - for they are among those who buy US stocks. I think the Republicans are on the wrong side of this in the same way that many conservatives were on the wrong side of Bush’s immigration reform. Business owners, for obvious reasons, were in favor of allowing Mexicans to become legal. It beats sending them away. And many businesses are similarly in favor of public health care. John McCain didn’t have enough money to beat Obama - because the real money doesn’t come from the people who attend “town meetings”.

We’ll get some reform - but not enough - because ideologues will prevent some of it. But it won’t be General Motors, General Electric or General Dynamics that prevent public health care. Those execs will still pay for private care, no matter what.

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