most likely scenarios for IQ45

these are the most likely scenarios for IQ45…

the far less likely possibilities are any scenarios of IQ45 declaring
martial law or something like that… this is a very high risk, low reward
possibility…for the simple reason, that if you fail, you fail big time
and no federal pardon will save your ass… you will spend the rest of your
life in prison along with anybody who joins you…IQ45 and anyone who supports
him had better be 100% of success because failure is not an viable option…
if you go that route, you cannot in the middle suddenly decide, “ops, my bad”
and expect to walk off into the west… it ain’t happening…it is pretty much success
or prison for life… there really isn’t a third choice here… succeed or you’re dust…

far better choices await IQ45…

for example, he gets his pardon from Pence…this requires Pence to make
a political calculation… Pence still has political asperations, and which is the lesser
of the two evils…pardoning IQ45 and face severe blowback… those who are old enough
to remember will remember the blowback that Ford got for pardoning Nixon…
Ford lost the 1976 election because of it…(and other problems but I would say
the pardon was the issue that sunk him) it will be twice as brutal for Pence
as it was for Ford… and the second issue will be if he doesn’t Pardon IQ45,
what sort of GOP blowback will he get? any decision he makes will piss off
a hundred million people, either way… so who does he piss off? I would guess
and this is a guess, the path of least resistance will be to Pardon and hopes
IQ45 backs him later for Pence’s run for President… but that shit requires
IQ45 to dismiss his children… I believe at least one of his kids will run
in 2024 for president and IQ45 will support that kid… which means Pence
has no path to the presidency…
and Pence has to realize that… so to pardon or not to pardon?

any type of self pardon will be dismissed in court in about 5 minutes… it
simply would destroy the judicial system of America to allow a president
to self pardon…at that point, there is no possibility of being able to
hold a president accountable for anything… he is now a dictator if he
can self pardon… and remember, for the next 4 years will be a democrat president
if you allow self pardon, what is to stop Biden or Harris from simply breaking
every single law in the books and then just to self pardon?

nothing, nothing at all… then Biden could kill anybody on 5th ave, and
he couldn’t be held accountable in any way, shape or form…he could just
self pardon for literarily any crime he committed… he couldn’t be held accountable
for anything…

so any IQ45 self pardon will fail in court… his only hope is to get Pence to Pardon,
and this becomes dicey for pence…

so let us say, on January 20th, Biden is president and IQ45 is in Fla…
the state of NY comes a knocking to arrest IQ45 for his crimes in NY city
and state…IQ45 best bet is to remain in FLA… but why? because to
he has to be extradited to NY and that will be denied by the current
GOP GOV, Ron DeSantis… but it leaves IQ45 will a major problem…
he can’t go to a state with a democratic GOV… because he will be arrested
and extradited to NY for his trial/trials…so, IQ45 must reside or stay
in Red states to avoid being extradited to NY… he cannot go to an airport,
because he might get arrested there… not the feds because the airports
are under local authority…which means a local government might arrest IQ45
and try to extradite him to NY… he has to be very careful where he goes…

try to recall that Bush Jr. had to be careful where he went for years because
of possible arrest for any possible crimes he might have committed…
crimes against humanity type of thing… which he did…

so IQ45 has to remain in a Red state or face possible extradition to NY…

that is his most likely path… to remain in Red states to avoid being arrested
and sent to NY…

I predict he will die within the next couple of years anyway… he is already
having health issues… recall his walking issues and being unable to hold
a glass with only one hand… he has already had at least one mini stroke
attack and with each mini stroke, he becomes more susceptible to
another mini stoke…leading to a major stoke…

and by 2024 he will be long dead and no longer a problem for NY or for us,
for that matter…


There is only one scenario

4 more years

K: you are going to be one sad puppy on Jan 20, 2021…
around noon EST…around 9:00 am, here on the west coast