MOTHER'S BENCH (rewritten)

Down by the water is a bench.
We went to sit on it today.
It is a small memorial
Of Cameron who has passed away.
There is a plaque on which it says
He loved to ski as well as fish.
To share these lovely mountain views
Now seems to grant his one last wish.

I sit with Mom who’s ninety-one.
Some private tears fall in the lake
As thoughts that precious memories
Are all that from her life I’ll take.
I do my best to stock my mind
With scenes that will forever last.
I know the time for all of us
Is short and will diminish fast.

I’m not sure how I will go on
Without her smile to light my way.
She’s been with me for six great years;
It hurts knowing she can not stay.
I know what I’ll put on her plaque.
It’s one out of so many things.
“Although you felt you tied me down
You gave me joy and eagle’s wings.”

revised edition

This is a touching poem, DEB. You sure know how to pluck the emotional strings within your reader. Great work.

lhw - AKA: The Straight-faced Clown

A gift to your mum to honor her gift to you. Nice.

The sadness of nostalgia and the sweet power of memory…caught well.

Some private tears fall in the lake

This line struck out to me.

Normally I let comments sit for awhile before responding but for these I will make an exception.

LHW, I thought you made an error in judgement flooding the forum with your poems but the more of your comments I read the greater becomes my appreciation of your thoughtfulness. However, it too should be measured.

Bessy, what can I say to my first ILP angel except thanks for touching me with you wings again. I think often of you and your mother.

Colinsign, given our apparently different approaches and the generations that separate us, it just feels good to connect with you.

I’ve seen users who post just as many, if not more, poems than I do. I can’t help that I’ve got an extensive catalog of poems and that I keep writing new poems almost every day. If you think that I post too frequently, you ain’t seen nothin’. Just be glad that I don’t upload my entire catalog of 300+ poems that I’ve written over the last decade and a half --most of that 300+ over the past 6-7 yrs.-- and probably crash the site in one post. I admit, I’ve gotten addicted to this site in the short few weeks I’ve been active on ILP - tell ya what, I’ll try to keep my posts to 1-2 a day max, not just for you but for my own time-mgt needs.

Somebody get me a tissue - I think I’m getting veklempft.

lhw - AKA: The Straight-faced Clown AKA: M.C. Tape-Hiss

So, lhw, call me a sensitive old age guy. I hope you didn’t double post for emphasis. I got the message the first time. I think you will get a lot more readers with 2 than 20. Good plan. Don’t save the best for last.