Motivation problems…

How many of you are good at small-talk? I just wonder that because, most of the things of what I’ve learned from people today have been pure bull****.

“…I was there and then she was like coming and I was like totally… you know … omg!!!”

I mean hey! WHO GIVES A F***!?! I wasn’t like this before, I guess I never thought of it. But we do a lot of superfluous things these days. Our lives are so short but some of us live it in falsehood, lies, “saying something JUST to have something to say”. I really don’t want to slip into the question “what’s the meaning with life then…” Humans do so much unnecessary things and… Well it’s kind of hard to explain. All right this is how it is: I am studying, right – but I have lost my, before, most precious and beloved apatite for LEARNING. I loved to know much and everything, but lately it seems like my brain doesn’t feel of gaining more information, cause it seems quite pointless. Some of the things I learn will never come to any use to me, and some things just feel so unnecessary to learn. And… well I have trouble finding exactly what the problem is but maybe you… can … somehow….

When you lose your appetite for learning, take whatever you consider to be the highest intellectual authority that you know of, and radically deconstruct it. Throw out your own assumptions and learn a completely different state of mind. Do this enough, and learning becomes permanent and effortless.

nice way of putting it… i enjoy throwing out assumptions in more sense than one…

as for this small talk problem, as long as it’s in the mundane babbel section i could care less.

Yeah I’m into small talk. I’d rather be in a conversation where two parties work out thier own understandings than one where someone tries to force a point beyond it’s evidence, which happens not just here, but most places, alot. Small talk can be productive. I tried to get people to read articles and post ones that they liked with the hope of starting some small talk about some issues that people were interested in, but I don’t think that the talk was small enough for some people. So I’ve pretty much devoted my time here to coming up with one line refutations which are usually just ignored in the name of continuing to scream at the top of one’s lungs some point that doesn’t even hold. I dunno. Small talk is fine with me.

Some small-talk can be interesting, but the mind-numbing kind just makes my brain start to shut down and my eyes glaze over!

Yeah, silence is waaaaaaay better than mind-numbing small-talk.

It’s funny you should hit this problem… my philosophy is based around the idea that learning is beneficial…

to think i should one day reach a point where i learn that learning is futile…

havn’t hit that day yet so i’ll keep goin tho…

perhaps you need to learn what you should learn?

Wonderer, I like your comment “perhaps you need to learn what you should learn?”

It makes me think of a comment made by Carl Jung (psychoanalysis, dreams etc.) when he went to university. He took a medical course which was a sort of compromise because he wanted to study natural science but had to consider his financial future. Anyway, that aside, what he said of the pre-med science courses he took was that they gave him vast amounts of knowledge but provided insights very rarely.

So, when we go about learning what we need to learn, is acquiring knowledge better than acquiring insight or vice versa?

Knowlege leads to insight.

The ability to create small talk or listen to small talk is in proportion to how much you actually care about the person/s. Small talk is involvment in another’s life. Unless you can talk a mile a minute like some people I know, then you don’t have to care you just have to talk so fast noone understands you and noone gets a word in edge wise. Or you are a natural born salesperson.

Bottom line; small talk is best when reserved for intimate friends and family, not really anyone else

I talk really really fast.

I don’t even know why I took up small talk. I’m sorry, I don’t think it really is the problem.

Anyway: The problem is that I am depressed because I don’t feel like learning things, but the problem is that if I feel that I haven’t learned anything it makes me anguished… On the hole, learning (at school) seems meaningless.

“perhaps you need to learn what you should learn?”
Only if I knew the answer to tat question :frowning:
What is worth learning, according to you all?

Possible worlds semantics.

^^ Smears :slight_smile: I didn’t quite understand this :frowning:

When you lose your appetite for learning, take whatever you consider to be the highest intellectual authority that you know of, and radically deconstruct it. Throw out your own assumptions and learn a completely different state of mind. Do this enough, and learning becomes permanent and effortless.

Argue against yourself, eventually learning takes on a whole new meaning. Once you develop your own system for interpreting things and get it nice and consistent everything you see just falls right into your categories and you accumulate knowlege much faster and much more efficiently.

Everything is worth learning. From learning that stubbing your toe causes violent outbursts of emotional words and horrific pain to watching a leaf fall from a tree and finding out what side it lands on, up or down. From the seemingly insignificant to universal movement and control, its all worth learning, because it all is a part of you.

that certainly is a dilly of a question, but i think i have a satisfactory response…

in terms of learning what you should learn, and actually learning, it is best to have a balance of both…

without learning what you should learn you might learn nothing but uselessness, while only learning what you should learn leaves no room for the actual learning (the specific sense (after you know that’s what you should learn))

so logically you have to have a balance of both…

you should learn what you should learn only for so long as you have time left to learn what you deem should be learned… :laughing:

this maximizes accomplishment…

i hope thats not too complicated…

in more laymen style terms it would be like “don’t set the bar too high”… (for lack of a more optimistic view)

but this rests on the idea that learning what should be learned is any different from regular learning in terms of accomplishment…

This is sound advice. Once i was able to argue against myself better than those around me, seeing other points of view were less extraordinary. Learning became more interesting and fun, because at this point you don’t need anyone.

Yeah boyeeeee!!!

i don’t have to do much arguing with myself… everything i say is genius…