[size=134]What are your biggest motivators?[/size]

My deepest desires.

Give us a bit more detail than that. What are your deepest desires. The blanket word, “desire” can be used to explain all motivation. Everyone is motivated by their desires.

Why don’t you look at a post of mine from yesterday’s philosophy forum.

Being creative. I love the experience of being creative. The moments when I break through into what I call pure creativity are intensely motivating. I am willing to put up with a lot of shit to experience moments like that. It takes a lot of work and effort to be ready to be creative. You have to find the lightning storm and hold up your metal rod and be ready for the shock.

I am also motivated by beauty. I find beauty to be enormously encouraging. Now I have my own sense of beauty, which may have little or nothing to do with anyone else’s sense of beauty, so it requires a kind of fierce personal honesty to accept my own values, and avoid comparisons to others. When I see a particularly beautiful movie it inspires me. I am no movie-maker, but it makes me want to add beauty to the world where ever I can.

Helping people achieving their dreams motivates me. I think this is not too rare. Whenever I help somebody close to me reach success in something that matters to him or her it makes me feel that my time here in this world is worth something.

I am motivated by the synergy that comes from working with a great theater group. When the actors and the techies rise above their differences and work together to create a really great show. When petty squabbles and egotism is left behind and people work together because they want to rather than just being forced to work together by circumstances.

Making ourselves happy - the motivation of all lives.

We differ from where we get our hapiness from. I have an interest in where and why do we get our happiness from. I try to generise and summarise my findings, in the attempt to work out the ultimate and universal generation method of happiness.

Why do you think that an ultimate and universal method of generating happiness exists?

I agree more with your idea that we all have different places from where we get our happiness. Happiness is personal, not general.

The pursuit of happiness is not the only motivation. Sometimes in life all that people want is a way out of pain.

While some people aren’t satisfied by happiness.

Happiness is personal, in the aspect you thought. In the aspect I thought, since we are all human, we do have ultimate common ground at the human level. I think happiness belongs to the human level.

Say, X gets happy from playing the piano; Y gets happy from involing in politics; you get happy from creating… X can play the piano well; Y mess around with people well; you are able to create. Don’t you think that somehow, our different abilities ensure that we have the ability to be happy. If this is true, isn’t this some kind of a common ground?

So one possible ultimate happiness generating method I thought is: by utilising our abilities. Though I wouldn’t write an essay about this for sure.

We are all at the same level, as far as being human. We share a common ground because we all have a capacity for happiness. Still, each we have to go through different trials and make different efforts to attain our happiness. We only gain happiness by following our true values. We have to do what we consider to be important.

Yes. I like it!

Philosophy is really one thing that no one can really become say, the most regarded in it, is it not?

That’s why I say: “evidence people, evidence”. And trying to gather around evidence, is what I do really. i’m not saying that I have a great logical ability to processe my findings.

You definitely walk in the footsteps of giants when you tread the path of the philosopher. It would be a Herculean challenge to get universally acknowledge as excellent, let alone as the greatest in that field.

Does the desire for fame motivate you in any way?

Fame motivates me in the following ways, I think:

1 People know that I’m not stupid.
2 People appreciate the fruit of my creativity.
3 Money for my loved ones to enjoy a materially wealthy life.

I probably could think a couple more. After all, anything motivates me, as long it can offere me happiness.

seeing my family happy, and my friends happy, motivates me a lot

Absolutely agree.

There are some who would discount ‘happiness’ as a motivator. To seek happiness implies that there may be its’ opposite: unhappiness. To seek a state of happiness would require the ability to accept unhappiness as well. Otherwise, one fall’s into hedonistic seek pleasure/avoid pain.

Several posts have suggested that their motivations are external, which put’s their ‘happiness’ under the control of others. Perhaps it would be useful to find internal motives where ‘happiness/unhappiness’ is controlled by the individual.

Finally, some would argue that contentment, not happiness, is that which we should seek out. They would also argue that life is best lived without external motivation, but to approach each day without precepts or agendas. To see directly and act directly without judgement.


I just find the last post really amusing.

Whatdhel you mean by external happiness? Internal happiness? I mean thoseare just bull, mate.

Put happiness under control by others? What another bull!

Happiness is what you feel, FEEL mate, feel. Simple as that.

Live the day without judgment? Whatdhel you are now wisdomlover? A robot? The bullest of all!


Please do yourself a favor. Don’t respond to a post if you have no idea of what was said. All you succeed in doing is embarassing yourself.


We are all thinkers, better or worse.

I don’t think that I am the brightest one here. Actually, I don’t think that I am the brightest one anywhere.

I think, and then I post what I thought.

You do, too.

Question: what makes you so confident, that you post degreeding assumptions about someone’s intelectualability?

I suppose what am trying to say here is that some of yours posts, they are offensive in a way, a way which is irrelevant here in the forum.


You reply to a post with ad hominem attacks and then say, “I think and then I post what I thought.”

So what you thought was that each of my statements were all “bull”, and then call me a [something incomprehensible] wisdomlover and a robot. You end with “The bullest of all.” You certainly have a way with words.

You’re welcome to explain this. Just what is “offensive in a way, a way which is irrelevant here…”?


All right mate listen up:

Usually, I talk aggressively on the forum, I suppose you could say that I’m a red neck about issues. I forbid you too say that I’m an aggresive person in general.

I certainly forbid you to say that I am stupid.

I wouldn’t’ve replied if I had no idea what you’ve’ben talking about. You understood my reply, but instead of argueing, you made an assult on my intelegence.

Full stop.