[Movie] Barnyard: The original party animals

Nice and clean, as a childrens movie should be …

The worst elements of the movie were the heavy drinking, (milk), “Jersey cows” and the villian, a rather insidious looking coyote named Dag.

It had a plot, which was more than I expected … and thankfully, a “feel good” ending with a moral.

All in all worth money, and the laughs are there as well.

Mas, so, you seemed to have enjoyed yourself at this film. Was it despite of the conroversy or because of it. Because when I saw the trailers of this film I wasn’t really sure that America was ready for a family comedy about transgender cows.

Also your review is pretty skinny. Isn’t there anything else you want to say about the film?

Angelina Jolie porn movie! :slight_smile:

While Sam did lie about the Britany Speares’ porno, I do believe his comment about Angelina does have implications for Barnyard.

Think about it.