society is going downward. people make computers to make life easier for themselves. well, computers create an overwhelmig amount of tasks for one to do at one time. this overstimulation on a daily basis causes a human to have a shorter attention span, since regular stimulation is no longer enough. after a higher point of stimulation is reached, one only needs more and more. when will this end? why would anyone want their children, or their childrens children to be heavily medicated in this capitalist society?

it’ll never end. with technology improving rapidly, the computer hasn’t even reached it’s prime. we’ll be seeing more and more software that will catch the eye of everyone. but i think not as many people will have access to computers in the future cause of the high drop out rate in the United States. jobs will have higher requirements, so basically if you do not graduate, you won’t have a decent job and with the technology we have, computer prices will be sky high so non graduates will not beable to afford them.

it’s not that we want our children to be on the computer so much, we’d rather have our kids be active. but the computer is an essence to life nowadays… the computer is usable for almost everything it seems, many children/adults need computers for school, information, staying in touch with friends/relatives etc etc… like you said “people make computers to make life easier for themselves”, the United States is heavily populated with faineant humans who will do anything that makes lifes work easier.

Trees, have a look at this if you haven’t already: … p?t=145350

Technology will reach its peek. What goes up must come down. Its nature’s law.


That’s quite a statement.

Let me ask you something, what makes you think technology isn’t in the large scale simply the conversion of nature to technology?

Think about it, how do we make computers? We use the resources from nature.

Although a world with where I had a magic notebook instead of a Dell would be alot more ideal. :sunglasses:

Good idea, I might replace my dell with a magic notebook. :wink:

Seriously though, if technology resources materials from nature then technology must follow nature’s laws. It’s not rocket science.


Does a computer follow natures laws? Once you start writing scripts, everything changes.

What exactly would you define ‘nature’s laws’ as?

Computers are designed by man. Man inherently by his nature follows the laws of nature. You can’t escape that.

Define nature’s laws? In the case of technology. Everything has an extreme point. Once reached then the thing must come down. Everything in nature reveals this as the case. After spring comes summer, after summer comes autumn after autumn comes winter and again…there is always a cycle. We are born and then we die. What goes up must come down. A wave always has a hollow wake that follows it. What appears to us as being something that is ever increasing actually has a finite point, but it’s not finite at all, it’s simply the way nature works.


Hmm, an anthill is designed by ants, …with ressources from nature…
Still we consider this nature…
Why is a computer now not nature?
Everything that exists so far is nature, can you build something unnatural out of natural parts? Its not so much different from what the ants do : )

Technology is not capable of opening up anything. We ourselves made it possible to advance technologically.


And what if, at technology’s “peak”: Humans could change what they were as a species? What if they changed the metaphysical fule of technology and civilization? Then what?

Interesting how humans came from and are bound by their inherent “nature” as they “destroy” “nature”. The compedative “nature” of the oxymoronic “evolution” that is also known as “pleasure” and “progress” is far more exciting then the “boredum” of “peace” through harmony, balance and passive attitudes.

Aside from all arguments, I’m still for technology. =)
I want technology to cure old age someday and bring us more relative immortality. Nature can go **** itself. Perhaps technology is even more supernatural then the occult. When all is said and done, death is the only enemy true enemy, and both “pleasure” and “peace” aren’t even half of what they were cracked up to be.

What exactly is this metaphysical fuel?


Our wanting to live, feel pleasure, and our wanting to relax and have an easier life. What is the root of “pleasure”, “desire” and opinion about what is “good”? The single body itself. The individual of the species. It is rooted in a complex set of survival instincts that are inborn. Once we stop using our thought and feeling for the sake of our own health, and we start using feeling for the sake of feeling itself, [imo] it is no longer wholistic. It is no longer for the body [as a whole], but is for itself. It is imbalance.

I would guess that what ever humanity is right now, it will only be more so in the future.

The inner system was made to deal with the outer system.
The inner system can only survive if it can deal with the outer system properly. “Mother nature”, the one that humans are “destroying”, it is “her” fault that we are destroying “her”. We are heretics of nature. And so what!? (@ mother nature) you want it!? You got it bitch!

|: (

[* Thinks about power being stimulated by conflict and killed by peace. Thinks about decay destroying independance and liberation. Thinks about the competition of the “organic class” of “life”. Thinks about the “system” of modern earth. *]
Basterds… You create me then kill me? You make my dreams impossable but also gave me the ability to dream? Basterds! Cause and effect IS hyporacy.

I usedto say:
“How?” and “yes.”
Now i say:
“Why?” and “No.”
I will defy and I will rebel.
(& doc was right: Question everything. Believe [in practically] nothing.)

[size=75](* Dan fingers the universe *) “F you!”[/size]

People tend to abuse their gains. Economically, this causes the overconsumption of goods. Then economic society suffers as a result, the consumer themselves suffers as a result, when whatever utility gained became negative in value. People cannot keep the balance between materiality and spirituality. The more the better, is a classic logical error. The right quantity of materials need to be attained in order to be spiritually satisfactory in consumption. People are crazy about all kinds of gadgets, I suspect that this craze is very much ungeniune in the sense that the pleasure does not lie in utilising the goods, but mostly in owning them. Exessive Ownership Disorder is what it is. They want to have an MP4 even though they only need to listen to music, but an MP3 no longer sounds enough to their fashionable ears. Technology itself is obviously completely innocent. The development of its fate is entirely governed by the development of social and environmental conditions. We can predict where technology is going by assuming a certain occurances, for example, Britain starts to sink. Then according to a fundamental humanity that is the will to survival, marine technology of all sorts is bound to flourish. The human world is an existenial world, all physicalities arising from human behaviours are determinded by the will, and the will only. Technology is not the enemy, unless the Matrix come true, but until then, the enemy always lies winthin. You can be happy even if you are a computer scientist or engineer who works on your PC daily. You can be unhappy living in a world devoid of computers. Computers are not the problem. Existential degeneration prompted by material consumption is the problem. This is a problem where economists do not give a damn about, the day nobody gives a shit about living nicely is the day econmists all lose their jobs. Communism Realisation Day, the amargedon of technological advancement.

Your so right.

Still, all I want is immoratlity. I dont want pleasure or pain or money or friends. I want to be alive and stay alive most. I don’t want to gain, I just want to not lose what I already have, and the greatest thing that I have is my own body.

If I ever saw a cure for old age in my life time I would be one of the happiest SOBs on earth about it! *** *** ****** ****** ****

Some days I feel frustrated, you see.

they are man made, but they wouldnt be if the substances that are in it werent natural.