Multicultural Stagnation.

I noticed some resentment towards Obama as being a president with a hint of what many people call racism in some of the threads listed on this website.

I understand relatively racist tendencies in why people hold cultural modes of thinking that revolves around the aesthetics of skin color that they have deemed a symbolic trait of their own relative culture.

However since most people only pay attention to the cruelty of racism many don’t understand the dangers of multiculturalism in contrast simultaneously. It is in this thread that I shall try to give my hand at such a task.

The dangers of multiculturalism is it’s ideology of assimilation and one- world- centerness.

Does not the ideology of one giant assimilating hyper-culture and race inevitably lead to stagnation against bio-diversity or even cultural diversity? This is one of the main themes of criticisms that multiculturalists themselves refuse to answer or even acknowledge.

Even more puzzling is why multiculturalists have a problem with passive non-aggressive people who follow traditional methods of culture revolving around the subject of race.

I believe it is this stagnation and fear of racial or cultural assimilation that gives the greatest propensity of power to racism which in some ways can be quite understandable on their part since such a fear can be looked upon as being valid in a very subjective world.

No matter what your views is culture traditionally has had skin color of race as a aesthetical symbol apparatus defining recognition of a person within a certain tribe, nation, or people.

Human beings are not alone in this regard since other animals have various social arrangements and hierarchies revolved around visual displays of color.

With all of this been said I see nothing negative about Obama as I myself looked upon the recent election as being potentially disasterous if Mccain had won.

I see no plausibility in thinking that everyone will interbreed… even so on a long enough timeline that racial colors of skin will gradually disintegrate into one color…

Differing cultures (tribes) are forced together through slavery, wars, migration etc, so folks should be blaming their governments/government policies: in forcing such diverse strands of the human race together…

Actually multiculturalism argues for the preservation of cultural uniqueness, and is opposed to assimilation.