Multiple Username-ality non-Disorder (Mud)

Sometimes, in on-line discourse, I get the feeling I’m talking to the same person who uses different names.

Do I feel this way because:

a. it’s true
b. there are a finite range of communication styles and conveyable emotions/concepts
c. I’m paranoid.
d. I’m wishing I was talking to person R, so I turn every person into person R.

If the answer is “a”… do they use different usernames because:

  1. They like trying on new hats and it not being interpreted as flaky.
  2. They want to see how many different kinds of reactions they’ll get from people who liked them under one hat, but have this totally different reaction when under another hat… it is a weird way to “people watch” or to find out which ones have the most ‘personal integrity’…
  3. They want to see if people will be able to recognize their “core self” regardless what hat they’re wearing – a weird way to find a genuine friend or something – or just an interesting thought experiment which asks, “does a ‘core self’ even exist?”
  4. They feel tied down when they commit themselves to one hat – their personality is multifaceted, so much so that people don’t really know how to handle it, so instead of showing all facets under one username, they break it up into different usernames, so as not to ‘shock’ people and scare them away.

If the answer is ‘b’ it is something I have never experienced/realized before ILP (whenever I suspected one person was using different names, outside ILP, I was always right about it)… before this, everybody was distinguishable frome everybody else (besides the people using different names)… and I don’t see ‘everybody’ in everybody else…

If the answer is ‘c’ then why am I paranoid, and why don’t I ‘feel’ paranoid? Maybe paranoia could be read into the fact that I don’t just accept that each individual username stands for a whole different individual – except for the fact that people have admitted it before (with or without me asking first) and the phenomenon is not my imagination.

If the answer is ‘d’, how pathetic is that?! However, it could be ‘a’ at the same time – and who, among these different usernames (used by one person)… is the real “R”… or are they each genuine aspects of one person?

I’m not comparing notes with anybody, so don’t ask what makes me think I am talking to the same person under different usernames.

Some of you may mess with me now and pretend to all be the same person – hardy har har.

How do you feel about people trying on different hats? It doesn’t bother me. Unsolved mysteries bother me when I can’t quite solve them.

I post on another forum where you can see the person’s IP address and that helps a lot.

Being aware of the fact that many here use multiple usernames can hardly be classified as symptom of paranoiya. Why did you alter your identity and underwent such length to delete all her posts one by one?

Uniqor, you have posted under at least threee different screen names that I am aware of.

[Pureasonist - Uniqor]

So do you have any insight into what might motivate a person to do that?

It was a different poster who edited his/her screename to [removed by management] and deleted all of his/her posts. His/her former screen name was abgrund. … ile&u=2141

Despite of your long history here, you are not clear about things going on around town:

You thought that zenofeler left as the site went down, which was not true.

You failed to know that I also posted under the psuedonym [Uniqor - Pureasonist].

Now you mistake abgrund as the only one that deleted all his post.

… whatelse you’re unaware of/mis-remembered by?


Have you been smoking with FutureMan?

Your statment is incorrect. … er#1645134

No such username [Uniqor - Pureasonist] exists in the current memberlist. If it did then you had four different screen names.

Still, what can you tell us about what motivates a person to have different screen names?

You had said, “Why did you [somenewname] alter your identity and underwent such length to delete all her posts one by one?”
To which I replied, “It was a different poster who edited his/her screename to [removed by management] and deleted all of his/her posts. His/her former screen name was abgrund.”
Where did I assert that abgrund was the only user to ever delete all of his posts? I only meant to say that it was not somenewname who did that.

Hey, leave the new Jesus alone… he has just as much freedom to dictate ten new commandments just as much as he can smoke your entire weed supply and get away with it. (Assuming you have a weed supply.)

[Disclaimer: Sagesound does not affirm the words above are spoken by him, in which case, they were never written - you are hallucinating.]

hi sage :slight_smile:

actually future man seems to be alot improved since i last seen him months ago, you all might not notice cause you’re exposed daily to the torrent of truth, but get away for a bit you will. either that or i havent read enough of his newest prose.

just to confirm, somenewname is in fact she, right ?

oh, also, there is a guy called Pureasonist - Uniqor in the thread you quoted xander ;p

– Ad

There are many ways to get around that.

– Uniqor

Thankyou. I don’t think I’m paranoid.

– Uniqor

I didn’t delete /all/ my posts, and I have only ever had one account here. Xanderman is correct in his presentation of facts.

You’ve been paying too close attention to someone who is very boring.

– Sagesound, er… um… not Sagesound?.. or…



Still Xanderman, you took the wrong idea of zenofeller’s leave, and that thread you quoted proves that. I don’t why there is no Uniqor - Pureasonist in the member list, you can ask ben about that, if you want. And why even mention abgrund in the first place? I maintain my position, you are the one who’s got the stuff unclear!.. yep, I’m bored.


You have faulty reasoning skills when you maintain a position in the face of all reason. Or it could be that you have the mentality of a fanatic.


Stop posting after me with insulting content, you’ve been doing that since Monday. I’m rather bored of it now, so get out of my ass you punkface.


If you address a comment to me, then anticipate that I may compose a reply in response.

This is a BBS. Part of the point is for people to write messages when you feel moved to post. I guess that your posts move me, Uniqor.

My posts move you in what way Xander? The impression that you’ve been giving me is that my posts offend you, disgust you, bore you and repell you. That’s all there is on my side of the story, I’m as simple as you can get. There is no word I ever wrote in my posts that is pretentious in anyway, there is no idea that I ever expressed is pseudo-nice or pseudo-high - I am pround of that little fact - I am the biggest pragmatist there is. What about you man? Tell us a little about yourselves people, we’ve been here for what, 4 godamn years and we still mess around with each other as if we are born bitches and dicks… I am utterly sick of that. I decide to do better and get closer to my real nature.

Fabiano inspires me: hugs people, hugs. :slight_smile:

  1. Ass Ranger

  2. Butt Muncher

  3. Loaf Choker

Any of these would have sufficed to express your personal and intimate feelings toward Xanderman.

But never, under any circumstances, can one be a “punkface”. There is no such thing.

Yep I’m aware that you’re back detrop, and thanks for the 3 golden american local proper… I was just trying to make up some, like recently I’ve came up with asswipe, dickhole, chickendump and suckwarm…

crusty comments for a bread abuser…


…another thought… does that mean tree huggers are leaf chokers?

In prison lingo a “punk” is a guy that takes it in the ass. Perhaps, a “punkface” could add a new dimension that indicates an oral soloist?
It’s worth thinking about.
Ok, it’s not.

whats with all this crap anyway ?

xanderman, you arent a moderator anymore ?

it gets a little spooky when the muds (developed characters) start fighting amongst themselves, then there seems to be a mass exit from the forum with a lot of good-byes and I’m leaving…about every 3-4 months.

The writer of the following announcement is an absolute genius:
The Golden Rules of leaving the forum…

I would like to borrow it for my forum… :wink: