Mundane Babble Jet

Check in for a babble jet around the world. We start in Charleston, S.C. The babble in Charleston is about Lincoln. They feel that he prematurely got the war going through devious methods. There is a book I have seen about some dirty dealings with the navy resupplying the union troops at fort S.

Next stop------you choose with some babble.

I didn’t know you live in Charleston. Have you done your own research to verify that babble on Lincoln and to see if the source is unbiased?

Let’s see. The babble around here is that rodent exterminator Tom Delay is still a big rat himself, but rats and snakes are the favorite pets of Texas Reeps, so he’ll probably go scot free to spread more of his special brand of poison around. I just hope it happens after the holidays and not before.

American Dad is more reliable, apaprently Lincoln was gay, I’m more inclined to believe that than a conspiracy theory. :unamused:

LOL. That was funny.

We were in Texas Calrid. Where are you?