What is justice?

Probably no one cares, but the word “murder” itself means the unlawful or unjustified killing of another human. I think the real question is “When is homicide justified?”

Philosophy starts in the dictionary.

I can’t believe that only a few posters on this forum seem to even realize or consider the difference between Murder and Killing. “Reality Check” does have a good point; unfortunately it should be a pedestrian point if there were any morality in the masses.

Opps! It appears that I have been redundant. Should have read the whole thread.

Never mind.

Murder is not ok, but killing someone is, if one has a good enough reason for it.

A good enough reason is moral superstition.

Why should someone follow that form of superstition?

For the sake of semantics I offer these definitions:

It appears there is no differences between the act of murdering and killing someone except that one defintion has a moral superstition revolving around it in contrast to the other.

Obviously there is superstitious differences applied to both words but I believe that very superstition is an illusion.

They are one in the same when one looks at the act of murder or killing as just a typical action done by another without a superstitious background.


Line up a million people and kill someone they love in front of them and ask them if it was wrong, it will be unanimous (YES!). Then change it to the one they love being attacked by a violent person who wants to kill them and if the victim somehow prevails by killing the perpetrator ask them now if they think it was wrong. All but the minority of defective humans will say it was OK to defend themselves, our very laws of ever logical civilized society in the history of time is based on this. Are you prepared to argue with good points how this is not so?

Just because people have subjective emotions revolving around the loss of family members still means nothing in describing the actions of murder or killing as being wrong.

Morality imprisons thousands each year under law of the courts with many family members in tears but noone ever seems to care about their pleas since the will of god the state has been served.

What you bring here to this conversation is no different. Sure maybe the victims become emotionally charged but such circumstances still provide no mythical metaphysical background of showing such actions to be wrong or evil.

What is a defective person like?

How do you know if a person is defected?

Can someone show me how killing with malice and unlawfully or unjustly is morally right?

If it is unjustified how can it be right? Doesn’t make much sense to me.

If you’re saying the only thing that makes murder wrong is law then I agree with you. I don’t think there are absolute morals presently. Although people claim them as such.

justification is after the fact



There is no doing-doing an action.

There is only the action of success and failure.

( There is no thing- in- itself.)

You are comitting a fallacy in saying there is a thing-in-itself around an action.

I think in reality you know it doesn’t exist but you defend morality like many people by fear alone.

When someone thinks that serving themselves and hurting others to do it is OK, which by the way is vastly against the majority of all time. In addition, can you show me a human without any emotion or explain any answer without emotion?

Let me guess, another know it all teenager that hasn’t even lived life yet but can tell us all about it.

Yeah that’s me alright. Some young punk bastard that needs to be put in his place by a know it all elder. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Destruction,violence,anger,murder, hate and rage is apart of life so get used to it.

You are a strange one in that if the high courts allowed a killing by a moral judiciary it would be alright to you but at the same time if it was done unconventionally by a unknown bystander you would be filled with outrage declaring it wicked and vile.

Human superstition guided by unfounded moral superstitions is very curious.

I can show you a human being without any moral charged emotions namely myself.