Music.......does it tell the future?

my ways of depression have pointed me into deep thinking of what if there is some exsitence of mind connection. have you ever heard that there is one identical person in the world of you? I believe that music is exspressed in words said by one (or opinion) of a topic say your feelings that day maybe the same thoughts come to another because youre mind expands thoughts(reading minds). This i thought when i was in a deep depression about one large loss :cry: . About two weeks ago i listend to several differnt songs that just sounded right to me the tune the sound of the vocals it just sounded right i could listen to it for hours. When the loss became present i listend to the same music and i started singing the lyrics i said wow!! These lyrics express my pain that i express everynight when i slip slowly into a deep sleep. When i checked out the details with more emphasis i found all of the songs were what i have said or related to the past few days. Later i found that every problem i approached became the same as the large loss where music told my fortune. (open for opinions, notes and constructive critisism)