Music Soothes the Soul

Music has so much power. You see this first hand when you are at your lowest, thinking about suicide. It has the power to calm down the terrors and horrors in your soul. It can help put together a broken heart. And heal a damaged mind.


I think music only soothes the soul of people who love music, those who don’t, music will have no power to heal them. I know there are a lot of people out there who don’t love or like music, but then there’d be other things they’d like and those things would heal them.

The Muslims don’t believe in music. (That’s rather broad. They in fact have their own style of music, but they do not listen to nor play any other kind.)

A Muslim would say that Mozart’s Requiem was not composed by Mozart, but by Allah. Anotherwords, all credit for musical inspiration should be given to Allah. It’s all part of the slave-complex of the mind in Islam.

“It’s all part of the slave-complex of the mind in Islam.”

This is the kind of things that killed Theo Van Gogh…

Anyway, that doesn’t apply to all Muslims at all. One of a Muslim guy I know said that his favourite girl was Britany. He’s not the only Muslim like that I assure you.

As a budding musician myself :laughing: (smug arent I) Anyways I play the Violin piano,guitar,clarinet saxophones trumpet and am learning the french horn. I realized awhile ago after I learned the piano guitar and violin I stopped my lessons and realized i had no life to quit for so i became depressed and almost suicidal than i entered highschool and learned all the latter instruments and have never been happier i have made friends and have lost all thoughts of suicide. Well anyways music has healed my soul so why cant it do the same for others?