Must the Hippocractic Oath be broken for great science?

The german Nazi, medical science team, done researches for using human experiments to find the cures of malaria and other diseases that the army is facing, then the air altitude testing, freezing testing, sea-water testing, all these test were conducted in the concentration camps, that the victims were convicted of some sort of racial crime or shame or some sort. These scientists never found any cures, but produce many datas. These scienctist became internationally famous.

Another thing is, the hippocractic oath, states one must help the poor and sick. Yet, hospitals and instutions of that sort, don’t help the poor.
I remember some sort of movie, showing that there was a poor man, and his child has a sort of disease and needs surgery, but the hospital refuse to treat them because they have no money. So the father, made the hospital as a hostage, and pointed a gun to the doctors head to perform operation to the child.

What is your reaction to this madness?

What is your reaction to this madness?

That life is not fair. We are not created equal. Could it be “karma”?
Illegals get free health care, get reduced tuition fees at colleges while others suffer for their beliefs.

Only a private hospital could do that – a public hospital has to treat any patient, regardless of income. Of course, the Oath of the Geneva Convention (which is what is pledged now, amongst other things the hippocratic oath forbad surgery so it is a touch outdated) should force any Doctor to do the same, but different people let their concious guide them differently.

As for breaking it for great science, why? The contributions to modern science from the Nazi experiments are nominal at best, so why should they be required? Yes, the Quaker Oats radiation experiments (I forget the technical name) and the Tuskee syphillus experiment yielded a fair amount of data, but not a lot of it was terribly useful. Yes, we understand the infectious cycle of spirochetes a touch better, but proper use of model organisms would have yielded the same information (though we might have missed out on the dementia).