My first Amateur Video

How badly does this suck?

  • like monica lewinsky
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hello again,

im not sure whether this is permitted here, but i’d like to recieve some feedback from intelligent people who i suppose are well versed in the arts.

i say this because my video is particualrly horrid.

Be kind.

tell me what you think.

and i the image blacks out im sorry (and it might not make sense)

I can’t get the fucking thing to play right. I’ll get back to you.

I’m having trouble too - could you put it on youtube or something similar?

i saw most of it

i don’t really get it, but i do like knives a lot :smiley:

try that on for size

Much better. I enjoyed it. Reminds me of the opening motif of 2001: A Space Oddessy. Haven’t heard that song in a while.

mason williams is amazing

what’s the song? i know i’ve heard it and it’s gonna bug me until i figure out what it is.

Classical Gas.


thank you!

did it seem…intriguing at least


I would guess that you worked as your own cameraman. That limited you a bit. Keep experimenting. Don’t worry about the finished product, just concern yourself with the process at this point.

It might be helpful to think of yourself as a choreographer at this point. Make the images dance.

"One of the familiar parables about montage, and how it works, describes how the Russian director Pudovkin (or in some versions his teacher, Kuleshov–the story varies but the moral is the same) performed an experiment with the great actor Mosjukhin. Pudovkin told Mosjukhin nothing, only to “look at the wall,” then took a lengthy close-up in which Mosjukhin looks off-camera, but you can’t see at what.

Then Pudovkin got some stock footage of a banquet table, of a beautiful woman, of a cute child. He intercut these stock shots with Mosjukhin looking at the wall. When he projected it, the audience saw: steaming food, close-up of Mosjukhin looking off-camera; beautiful woman, Mosjukhin looking; charming child, Mosjukhin looking.

And the audience said, "What a genius Mosjukhin is! With just the subtlest movements of his face, first he saw the food and showed us hunger; then he saw the woman, and showed us mute desire; and then he saw the child, and somehow conveyed a warm, protective love."19

It was all just the same shot, of course, of Mosjukhin looking at the wall. In this way Pudovkin made the point that montage does not simply connect shots, it creates something new, that was present in neither shot before. "

woah…thanks a ton

Good first video yrom

The scene ideas and directing were fine but I think you need to put more effort into the editing. A professional editor would be able to use the images you have already made and make a very cool video.

The main problem for me was the music was on completely separate channel, sitting on top of the video. It didn’t relate to the scenes at all.

Since you can’t change the music, I think you should rearrange some of the scenes to synchronise with the timing and volume of the music.

For instance, when the music is softer use a scene that is soft and pan across the scene… or softly make a blurry scene come into focus… or zoom out from the knife to the full scene etc. When the music is more energetic, chose more energetic, ‘dangerous’ looking scenes and/or change the contrast etc.

A well known documentary on the American Civil War showed you can make a riveting program using only still photographs (not made by themselves) and an imagination. The makers used every creative trick they could think of to tell a story in an interesting way and eventually won awards for it.

Some of the techniques they used were to zoom in (or out) of one part of the photograph or panned across it, fade into and out of related photos and linking similar groups of photos by using sepia/contrast filters in the editing.

You have more than enough material there to make a dozen different versions while you practice your editing so that’s what I would be doing. :slight_smile:

This is a weird little video you might like. It’s quite long and doesn’t know whether it wants to be a horror film or music video… but its quite unique.


Further to km’s post yrom, the tempo is very important. The musical piece might be a little long too - it overlaps into the black for almost as long as the film - one doesn’t really want show black for too long - the viewer becomes bored. *It is in fact illegal to broadcast black in television in my country. You don’t even need too many special effects if you edit the images according to the tempo. So edit according to the beat, count them. It doesn’t have to be edited every 4 beats for example but visually it can ‘read’ like a track in a song if you know what I mean. Also really good tricks are to slow the moving images down or speed them up.

km, where on earth did you find that video. I’m not sure if it’s disturbing or funny.


:smiley: I agree LA. It’s a strange little number going around the net recently. I love the little rat doggy LOL.

the black was a mistake, it keeps going but i had technical issues

but thanks a ton guys, see as far as the music, i think that it was chreogrpahed with cues, but the scenes didnt match the tone of the music.

i have much to learn.

see when i used to sit and brew, i used to play that song over and over again, so it had become like a muse, i think taht was my problem

i actually di a little mini project on rubber johhny.

it was originally a 30 second commerical.

just you’re evryday story about a mutant shape shifting mutant trying to entertain himself and his dog with shape shifting.