My first post - Infinity to Nothing

I took this from another message board I posted it on… It’s not put together as well as I would like:

Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Ancient Greek beliefs, Ancient Egyptian beliefs, Celtic beliefs and the majority of other beliefs in the world, all branch from one truth.

The term Metaphysics in philosophy, means - The study of a single substance that makes up everything possible. This substance was referred to by the Greeks as the “aether (or ether)”… Also known as the Unus Mundus. The aether is a fluid-like substance that exists at every infinite point in the universe… “Point”, meaning - an infinitely small point with no dimension (such as a “moment” in time). The aether is the most basic form of energy.

Wave-Particle duality is a term used to describe Heisenberg’s Uncertainty principal, which states that a photon (a light particle) and other sub-atomic particles act as both a wave and a particle. Also… The more you know about the particles location in space, the less you know about it’s momentum. It is a known fact by scientists that it is based around the perception of the observer. So to make it easier… The more you know of the momentum… The less you know of the particles whereabouts, and vice versa. What is the wave?.. It is of possibility.

A wave simply cannot be a wave without an underlying substance to “wave” in. Modern scientists have come to the conclusion that light doesn’t need that substance to wave in (not going into string theory quite yet)… It is simply a wave. How can this be?.. Well it can’t… It’s impossible… It’s rubbish. The wave is of space itself… Bending and twisting to accommodate light. So… If the aether makes up everything… Wouldn’t space be aether too? Yes, it would.

As most of you already know E=MC^2 (Energy=Mass x Speed of Light^2) But why is it that matter is the only form of energy that doesn’t move at the speed of light?

Torsion Field Physics (TFP), is the scientific study of aether waving in different ways to create everything possible. A torsion wave is a “whirlpool/tornado” wave. A torsion wave flows into a point at the center… But where does it come out?.. It flows out the opposite direction with a positive and negative charge. These 2 torsions loop back around and connect, making a doughnut shaped wave (because I’m not great at explaining the shape:… The center point for all these torsions creates an illusion of matter.

So now we know that still motion… Isn’t “still” at all. The real still is light speed. This explains why light speed is a constant speed in the universe.

It would be idiotic if you didn’t ask the question; If the point at the center if infinitely small… Than how does the aether come out the other side?.. Because of the way it flows around the point in the center.

Sacred Geometry is the study of the patterns created by aether’s waves. Almost every culture/religion is seen with sacred geometric patterns. One of such patterns is the star of David… Which is just one such pattern that the aether flows around the center point of a torsion wave; (This is an actual picture of the way dye in water acts after being spun in a circular motion at a high speed).
There are many others (such as the “Jesus fish” (which is a part of the flower of life), the pentagram; … ricane.jpg, etc.).

The Fibonacci Sequence is a series of numbers (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, etc.) that, when graphed, creates a spiral; The sequence is infinite. The sequence and spiral are found in nature everywhere (look it up on Wikipedia, cause I don’t have time to explain). The reason that nature follows this pattern, is because… If you looked at a torsion wave from a top-down view, you’d see that the aether flows in that spiral pattern. If you take any number in the Fibonacci Sequence and divide it by the previous number in the sequence, you will reach a number close to Phi. The higher the number you choose in the sequence… The closer you will get to Phi. Phi is part of the Greek alphabet (Phi = 1.61803398874989484…). This is also a number seen in sacred geometry.

A fractal (which I’m sure fractalqc is familiar with) is a self-similar pattern that can continue on forever (not every point has to be similar… Just at certain positions). The entire universe is a fractal because it all follows the Phi pattern.

Everything above should be looked at as 4 dimensional spacetime.

Now here’s where it gets confusing…

The aether exists at an infinite dimensional spacetime “plane” (for lack of a better word). If it exists in infinite dimensions… There would be no need to travel anywhere, because it is already there. Dimensions are levels of freedom. If you have infinite freedom… You can exist in all points of spacetime simultaneously. That’s where the term metaphysics comes from. There is no separation… Which makes all aether exist at the same point. Everything we know is a singular point on an infinite dimensional plane. So infinite dimensions mirrors a zero dimensional point perfectly. This is where the concept of yin-yang (dark-light, good-evil, etc.) comes in. With infinite dimensions… Everything possible, happens simultaneously. So EVERY possible reality exists alongside one another.

How do we get from that infinite point to the 4 dimensional spacetime we see in relative physics?.. Through the waves that create all forms of energy and matter that we see. So the big bang is really just the first wave to occur, which caused a chain reaction of events that created everything we know, along with everything else possible. Scientists, now that string theory and relativity, are very well accepted theories in the scientific community, have realized that space twists and bends to create dimension. These twists and bends are waves. A misconception to nearly all scientists though… Is that the waves start at a zero dimensional point and bend their way to higher dimensions… Which is completely redundant. If there is nothing… And you bend nothing to create something… That simply doesn’t work. Since infinite dimensions mirrors zero dimensions, wouldn’t it make more sense that the waves start at an infinite dimension and work their way down (in a sense)?

The religious aspect…
Note: This may go against some of you beliefs (I don’t want to start any arguments… Only discussion):

In all forms of religion/mythology/philosophy there seems to be a concept of light and dark… Not always good and evil. In Christianity, there is a belief of God and a belief of Satan, being cast down from heaven into hell. Heaven is a concept seen in all religions (Nirvana, Enlightenment, etc.). It is my opinion (and nobody has to believe it) that God IS the aether. Most think of God and Satan as physical beings existing in a physical heaven or hell… But I have an open mind about the translation of doctrine. The aether is the creator of all things… And is always going to exist (like Einstein said about how energy cannot be destroyed or created, it just moves into different forms). God is more than just a substance though… He is a concept. The concept that the aether has choice. Another word for aether would be “consciousness” or life itself. The thing that gives us a physical life… Is the torsion field of the aether. The radiating aether off our bodies is known as our aura. The point at the center of the torsion wave, is our soul. Our soul is an infinitely small point upon a field of infinite interconnected other points. But what if the instinct/subconscious we have is that point not being able to have control over the entire aether. This is the concept of hell. Satan was an angel (a single point in the aether), falls from heaven and creates his own separate “home”… This home is hell. The reason there are “levels” of hell are because of conscious evolution. Drawing a single Fibonacci spiral in a torsion wave… You will have 7 sections that are visible to your perception at any given distance. One of them is above your head, representing heaven (the aether being given to you). The other 6 are your physical self, or the 6 levels of hell (one of which is the release of the energy from… Obviously the “lower region” of your body used getting rid of already used energy (I hope you know what I’m saying because I don’t wish to get into the concept of “waste”)).

Yin/Yang = Consciousness/Instinct = God/Satan = Good/Evil = Light/Dark = Positive/Negative. All the same concept.

Evolution isn’t only physical. It is mental… It is emotional… And our goal in this life is to evolve in all areas so we can reach nirvana. The main evolution going on is through our point/soul/consciousness. This is where reincarnation comes in. Our soul cannot stay in one torsion forever… It has to leave this physical body so it can move into a different form. When the torsion keeping our body alive, runs out of aether to use… We “die”. Depending on what wisdom we have gained through experience, judges whether we move to a lower or higher level of consciousness. The lower we are, the further into hell we get… And vice versa. There is no specific “levels”… There are infinite levels, upon infinite realities… But at any given point of perception… There are 7. Spacetime is irrelevant at an infinite dimensional point of view… So you could reincarnate in a different reality, different time, different place. So, for a human who’s brain relies on memory… We can’t imagine a universe without time. The bible and other sources leave the reincarnation concept out to not confuse anybody (because nobody would understand what I was saying 2,000-3,000 years ago).

I don’t think I’m finished, but that is a lot of typing and a good 4 hours to gather my thoughts then put it into a reasonably sized theory of the everything (sort of).

 - O.E

How is it fluid-like in a spatially dimensionless sense? Fluidity is a dimensional relation.

“It is simply a wave” is not the modern scientific view of light.

If marshmallow makes up everything, wouldn’t space be marshmallow too?

This question doesn’t make sense. I don’t mean to be rude, but neither does much of the rest of the post from a physics standpoint.

In any case, welcome!

InfinityOE, you’ll fit in just fine here.

Thanks I appreciate the feedback… I didn’t do a very good job putting it together in an understandable way, besides the fact that I have no mathematics to back it up. I’ll try to explain better if there are any questions.