MY NEW VIDEO!!! ~ Smoothini, magic

Click on the picture.

Way Smooth.

Wow!! :astonished: Very smooth, Smooth. =D> =D> =D>

I got to the picture on the way right and sat there for a good 5 min or so…actually I am still there but I am working on getting to the movie.

Great work…and great video.

Quality stuff smoothini, I never tire of your work. Give us more!

Next time you should do a subliminal plug for ILP :wink:

Just taking a peek at your sig, Smooth. I never tire of your work, either.

So, how do you do the mindreading thing?

Come on, we won’t tell anybody.

That was awesome, Smooth! The video kicked ass. I really liked the rope trick - fantasic showmanship!


Love your shows…

When you coming out to San Diego?


another excellent show!


I live in San Diego…LOL… what do you mean when am I coming down to SD?

I’m glad everyone liked it. This is just the raw footage. Plus these aren’t the good clips. I’m keeping all the good ones for the final Demo. It should be ready by next week.

I got 2 PM’s concerning what was up with my old footage. Well the server they were on is now GONE… poof… like The Prestige. LOL

But I got it BACK!!! for those of you that care.

And an old Card Trick