My opinion on life and death

Let us be eager to live, and eager to die.
Death, the splitting of the bonds which addict us to sensual experience,
yet we are left with another option, of neutrality and peace which has no
duality and no desire.

I am subject to human bias, but I believe that when I die i wont be very upset about it.
Death is allot less bad than it appears. Life is far more painful.

Perhaps death leads to more life. Death would be the space between all the possibilities for life.

Anyways… Hello Dan :slight_smile:

Some people actually look forward to dying as an intense and empowering experience.
I love that attitude.
As far as I know there is no certainty that consciousness is restricted to the brain, especially since on that level we don’t even know how the hell the brain actually works… except that it conducts and routes electricity. It may be that consciousness can be transposed onto other carriers of electromagnetism. Since the entire universe is such a thing, ‘cosmic consciousness’ may in fact exist without contradicting any current science.

Consciousness certainly isn’t “in” the brain, but the brain is clearly (part) “of” consciousness.

It’s a strange logic: “I am conscious of the brain’s existence and how its performance seems to correlate with consciousness, therefore the brain is a prerequisite of consciousness, causing it”. Given the intuitive assumption that the brain continues to perform in correlation with consciousness even after it is not being examined, there is still nothing to suggest that the brain necessarily precedes consciousness in order to cause it - only that the two seem to correlate, with the appearance of dependence one way and/or the other. And correlation doesn’t necessarily imply causation, that’s just a useful explanatory model for control and prediction.

So there is no necessary connection between brain and consciousness. Maybe there are other correlations that have not yet been ascertained - knowledge is always restricted to what has been suggested and found to be measurable so far.

But that is a lesser point compared to the absurdity of death of the self.

It’s not like one can be conscious of one’s final loss of consciousness, just like it is impossible to conceive of a literal nothingness (not even space/time) “before” one “first” became conscious. The best we can do to imply our mortality is to compare ourselves with others who die, and to conceive of memory as reliable in its suggestion that things used to be different and “younger” than they are now - implying everything is aging when that pattern is extrapolated into the “future”.

It seems like the concept of age has become an excuse to remind us of our mortality - as though we love to think about it, or are transfixed by it. The present’s seeming eternal existence can just as easily imply we are forever in the present, alive, and nothing else ever.
Though like the implied causal relationship between brain and consciousness, we demand predictive knowledge - requiring conceptions of passing time. On one hand this is useful for feelings of achievement and creation! On the other hand it is useful for feelings of decay and tendency toward the absurdity that is death of the self… I have long given up serious thought on the matter of death, as life concerns me much more. Death as something to look forward to is something I rejected too, what with life having so much more promise.

So why be eager to die? Why not live eternally? - would you rather the former than the latter? The former certainly suggests a great deal of dissatisfaction with life that the latter does not. Rather than consult death as a solution, why not consult life as a solution? Consider that death is something thought of only within life anyway, so thoughts of death as a solution is in fact thoughts of life as a solution.

I would say I’m like that, not that I’m in a rush to die it’ll happen eventually and I wish to accomplish certain goals before I go. Sometimes though the idea actually excites me, perhaps that is why War interests me so much and why I plan on being in the military, because death doesn’t seem like such a big issue too me. I guess I look at it Fatalistically, in a hundred years all of us communicating on here will most likely be dead. The Idea of, why fear what’s inevitable and because it is inevitable in a way your already dead.

Now what of your life? Have you created a legacy? Do you wish too? Will you be the next “Big” philosopher a modern day Socrates, Plato, Aristotle ? Will you Ideals enlighten a new age of minds?

I try to think of life as a Story and think what can I do to make it an enlightening and interesting story ? :-k