My Philosophy.

First and foremost, there needs to be more science games. For instance, Metroid Prime and Portal are good science games which help you to be a scientist, but we need a proper science game. Half Life teaches you critical thinking skills but not science skills. We need a game sort of like Metroid Prime with the scan visor, but where you do science stuff, like particle physics. That is what society needs. And when kids (and adults) get done playing these games, they will be skilled scientists good enough to work at LHC. That is how the human brain works, learning by doing, not learning by learning. Minecraft is only the beginning. We need a proper game where you build buildings, with actual physics. My philosophy is a game is only as fun as its designer. I plan on making a game like, a circuit game. A good designer can even make a game where all you do is 2+2, fun. We seriously need a game where after you play it, you are qualified to work at the LHC, and I propose this using the Metroid Prime scan visor style gameplay.

Once this game is made, humans will be smart enough to upgrade their own brains. There are several reasons why the human brain must be upgraded. Upgrading the human brain will stop human and animal suffering, it will solve the energy crisis, and it will prevent the human race from degenerating into recurrence and repeating history. Upgrading the human brain will also improve the science industry and open up possibilities of understanding the universe and the afterlife. It will usher in a new era of prosperity, and rational thinking.

The top priority is to understand the afterlife. The top priority is to avoid recurrence. If you do not have drive in your life, your life’s purpose should be simple, to understand the afterlife. That is the meaning of life, to understand the afterlife. You should spend every waking breathe towards that goal, because once you understand the afterlife you can avoid recurrence. There is nothing worse than having to live your angry adolescent years over ad over again. Maybe that is what the Biblical hell is about. If this isn’t important to you, you need to make it important to you. Every action you do, should literally be helping you dig out of the possibility of recurrence. Actions should be rational, and not blind faith based.

The best possible way to solve the question of the afterlife is to upgrade the brain. But you may have some questions about upgrading the brain though. What exactly constitutes genius? Is genius genetic? On average, white males outperform blacks and women on most tests, and yet, there are some black and female geniuses. If it’s any indication, My smash brothers analogy seems to imply it is more than genetic. That we are unmoved movers, and that genius is a spiritual thing, making the best of what you got. After all, wasn’t Forest Gump rational and a millionaire despite being a retard? I know some crackbaby’s who seem more intelligent than the rest of the population. Genius does seem like a choice, however, I consider myself a genius, and my brain is physically bigger and my IQ higher than most people’s, so I still think it very much helps to have genetic enhancements.

That being said, how do we go about genetic enhancements? Modifying genetics using old codes is easy, for example we just plug in and swap the codes for ears and hands, and swap molars for sabreteeth, and give them sabreteeth instead. This is easy because such genes already exist. But what is the gene for a superbrain? Did Tesla have a superbrain, or did he just apply himself? It is unclear how easy it will be to create the superbrain gene, but I suggest doing some proper research on the genetics of geniuses. I think the best solution, is simply to make bigger brains, and let the brains sort themselves out!

My philosophy on the feminisation of man, is that men need to be feminine. However, men need to also be rational. Men need in touch with their empathy side, but men also need to enjoy the thrill of battle. In this day and age we dont need war anymore, we have videogames. If you want to reduce crime I believe you need to construct more dodgeball facilities in all towns and cities. That is my philosophy on that. When you treat men like caged lions with no outlet other than talking, they see themselves as caged lions. It’s that simple.

That is my philosophy.

Which you keep saying without demonstrating that there is such a thing beyond stating it as an article of faith
Now you may be right but at this point in time I see no reason to think about something which may not be real
The only way I shall know for sure if the afterlife exists is after I die so I am perfectly happy to wait until then

There is an afterlife no matter what you believe. If you believe in nothing, then nothing comes after your life.

That makes perfect sense but I always think the afterlife references something specific rather than nothing at all
But that said I am more than happy to spend the remainder of eternity after I die in a state of zero consciousness
For I shall no longer be capable of experiencing any physical suffering and so will be as free as it is possible to be

Priori truths.