My Picture

I have decided to post a piture of myself. Be nice, I was passed out.

It will take a bit to actually post the picture. Sorry for the inconvince…

such suspense!

this better be good

One. Love your avatar!!!
Two. As soon as I figure out how to work the damn thing, I’ll post my picture.

Good Girl tease those horrible lechers. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

:evilfun: iwannaseeeeee :evilfun:

This is a terrible attitude. Why don’t you follow her lead and post one too?

Sorry but I suck at this internet picture thing. Just copy and paste in your own search bar.

There you go…

Thanks Mad Man…

You look like an ex-girlfriend of mine.

That is a bad photograph.

I would agree that photographs from that angle rarely flatter anyone.

For the record though, I’d hit that.

Yeah, I know that it is a bad angle. The boyfriend took the picture.

“I’d hit that.”

Nice to see someone actually posting pics!

Were you drunk or asleep or…?

A picture is no good without seeing the entire body with a face. :slight_smile:


I’ll get another picture soon.

Sweet. :slight_smile: