My second attempt at poetry...


Lost among most unusual trickery
Outnumbered to the very last man
Outgunned and overwhelmed by forces we don’t understand

War is drawing ever nearer
Confusion set in and stuck
Fate holds us in the palm of her hand and arms us only with luck

For those who hope to change tomorrow
We all must look to the past
And it must be known by all that no mistake shall be our last

I like it, especially the line “Fate holds us in her hand and arms us only with luck.”

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

When writing the second two stanzas I couldn’t help but suspect I had a dirty subconscious which wanted me to use certain words to end the rhyme, lol (you get me? :wink: )
But who knows perhaps it was a coincidence and I’ll next be looking for a word to rhyme with ‘do’ and not ‘stick’, haha

Also, were the italics clear when you were reading it? The words ‘all’ are supposed to be emphasised and also, although I didn’t denote this, there is supposed to be a short pause in the last line after the second ‘all’.