My temporary departure from this site

Do most constantly come here and never cease? Is there an end to philosophy when we find out who we are then no longer need it and never come back here again. Or will we always return to be with our friends or endlessly try to find more and more out or what?

When you fill the void ( stop wanting ) life becomes death in that you experience and feel the same as you would if you was dead - nothing.

I’ts possible to do but its easier to kill yourself, the outcome is the same.

I hope to find this to be untrue on day but - there will always be balance in all things.

So all efferts to find that heaven are in vain for you to be able to expeience haven you must be able to experience hell, true for as long as you live, after that its nothingness (death), could be something else if god deals with the dead in a different place with rules that differ to this universe, but this would be something beyond our comprehensive abilities thusfar and probably ever as the universes set laws (science and math) we can comprehend don’t lead us see anything other than the nothingness of death once your cease to live, along with the logic of philosophy of course, but the physical is where science is at and what it is limited to. philosphy, reason and logic can see beyond that, it can get the facts ( of science and the physical world ) and tell you the best and most effective way to use them, it can take the real lies and enlighten individueals to see the real reality.

Truth or lie, all is equally trivial, we are here to do what we are doing, live our lives which is the ‘meaning of life’.

like i said i hope its not true, but i will always accept and search for the truth.

I want Faust back!