My theory of everything

I was at the store the other day and saw a movie about the life of stephen hawking with the title ‘the theory of everything’. I read the back of the case and found that the basis of his theory was ‘time’. It prompted me to start work on my own theory of time travel which ties into everything. This is a place marker for it and a promise to deliver when I can. Just this morning I typed up 8 pages in microsoft word on my laptop. I am posting this from my rinky-dink cell phone, so… Think of this as a suspense-building post as well. It could be a couple days to a couple months before I’m able to get to a comp to upload my theory, so be patient and just know it’s in the works. Hopefully it will impress and strike a few chords in others here as it does deal with some disturbingly common problems that people may not be comfortable admitting and yet may appreciate the addressing of. As always my aim is to expose whatever truth may be out there by exposing the lies that surround that particular societal black hole.

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Fine. I have a full philosophical work ready to post and I will post in the same section you moved this from when I’m able and you’re just going to look petty-minded when I do for denying me my placeholder. No skin off my back. Must be pretty dull being a moderator for you to deny a bit of theatrics in terms of delivery modes of operation. Oh, the joys of blanket actions that fail to differentiate situations and circumstances. How very trite and dull. Also, ermagerd powertrippin op mods of endless srs bsns. Quite the futility closet, that one is. :slight_smile:

I dont get why you wouldn’t just create the thread when you had the paper finished, or create a thread presenting some of your preliminary ideas so we could discuss them while you work on the paper.

I assure you, I am a very easy man to read. For one, my cell phone only allows me so many words and I am now up to 15 pages in ms word. I dont have access to a comp where I could c and p it and dont know when I will as libraries restrict access to discussion-based sites except fb. The final stroke of it is that I find it difficult to keep things hidden, I often like to give gifts away when I get them rather than wait for holidays. As this is and will be my lifes’ work in essence, these posts make more sense. If your lifes work rivaled the greats and you were in my shoes how would you go about it? One should have style and presentation, reality should be entertaining while it has the chance to be.

You’re too young to have a theory of everything, Phredhead. Kant didn’t start really writing until he was fifty and he still didn’t get it right.

Faghettabout it brah. Don’t even try… it’ll be a glorious waste of your time. You need to start with smaller, specific subjects in philosophy rather than trying for the whole omega philosophy all at once. Get some thoughts together about freewill/determinism or something like that.

Besides, you will change your mind regularly and continue to see things differently as you learn. Remember your Emerson. First we read, then we write. I would add in there ‘experience’ as well. What are you, twenty something?

earth body age has nothing to do with it. it’s quality not quantity. you never learn you humans. you are really quite foolish, death can come at anytime. better for him to spit his theory out now and worry about the kinks later.

The great and wise one has a good point. The future’s never certain and the end is always near, as Morrison used to say.

Change of plans, Phred. We’re going to go ahead with your theory of everything while we still have a chance.

also i might add that although groupthink generally offers retardation it can also offer rapid insight and prototyping. therefore sharing with a group early on is often wise, provided the author is not easily swayed by naysayers neither should the author care to please everyone just because some lame fanboygirl says they have an idea they deem special unless it is worthy. author should not care too much about hurting peoples social feelings nor should heshe care if their own social feelings are hurt.

See, I never read emerson, nor other great philosophers, but here’s the kicker: with pop culture and the free access of a wide variety of thought processes, it doesnt matter. Aside from your doubts in accordance to my youth, it is possible to experience quite a bit in rather short period of time. In the mind, time is just an illusionary construct and while time seemingly marches on around us, our brains can either sped up or slowed down. The ignis fatus of your perception is ‘it can never get better.’

[size=85]Somehow I am not worried of the competition.[/size] :sunglasses:

There are philosophical truths that do not, cannot, come to fruition until one has experienced things a certain way that only age and duration can make possible. This is an understanding that you will reflect on one day when you too are in the presence of a younger person who so confidently claims his age doesn’t matter.

The really rich philosophical truths are not the inert, abstract facts about the world, but the meaty, existential experiences, the experiences of great failure, loss, achievement, the awareness of one’s mortality (this doesn’t hit home until mid thirties), being in love, losing that love and/or loved one, the birth of a son or daughter, the death of family members and/or friends, etc.

What you also need is to have that authentic experience of Sartrean nausea at the consciousness of the pure gratuity and contingency of being, at least once.

Go to a park like Roquentin did and sit down on a bench. Stare at a tree root. Stare at it and don’t look away. There it is, rude, indifferent, dumb, existing for absolutely no reason there in the dirt. It just keeps on existing until one day it’s gone. That’s the whole story for that root… or anything that is forced to exist for one moment and then is gone for an eternity, the next.

What reason, then? You have a reason; but what is the reason for that reason? Wittgenstein drives this point when he says a complete collection of all the sets of all possible moral statements would still beg the question; why is this complete set of moral propositions ‘right’?

Anyway you got me off track. All I’m saying is the best philosophy has got comes during middle age. You need to have years behind you in order to have a substantial opinion about any of the aforementioned things.

And who told you about my ignis fatus, anyway?

hes right your wrong. you sound like a fatus anyway.

truth can be found in most things. your mindset is so annoying and foolish, you clearly demonstrate why most humans never learn. a few hours ago you seemed to understand what i said about age not being important, now mere hours you have fallen back on your old ways, still babbling about how only middle age people can be antiquated with death completely ignoring both mine and his advice.

young people can understand death too. and your still babbling on about “opinions” truth is not about “opinions” and burying yourself in 500 page books filled with babble will not usually enhance your “opinions”. neither will living a boring conforming life to ripe middle age. opinions are like assholes is yours well rounded or fatus

I do not sound like a fatass!

You’re just jealous because I’m the wise one here, and you are not.

It is often the way of people to put off the lessons that would have benefited them most in their youth until they are old for who would wish to learn the most painful lessons life has to give except by necessity. However, it does occur that a foolish child or two asks for wisdom early and make it their lifes work, do seek out their elders to learn from and who in turn suffer more, faster, than those that came before them. Old souls, indigo children, etc. they’re called. In turn, they surpass prior generations quite quickly in their lives for starting such a journey of their own volition within their most formative years which allows for sustained faster growth in the long term if they ever get their mental feet beneath them. Something for others to jealously hate them for even though it means that they already suffered intense pain more than those who refuse to learn and refuse to face their fears or admit a mistake. Such becomes the calling-card of people unable to move past their own ego. We are all equal.

My theory begins and ends with time travel. Not just time, but alternate dimensions, etc. What eventually becomes truth in physicality began as a truth of the mind. Before people began exploring, the possibilities of what to expect were explored. This theory hinges on several linear life times that are not linear according to our popular perspective of time, hinges on the idea that at a certain point of evolution some individuals were abld to create all of space and time. Time travel leads to wormholes leading to black holes with the greatest where the most activity has been. Thus all life began in the beginning from a singular source: a rip in the fabric which placed matter into an empty vacuum. A master black hole to compress data, it destroyed the future to build the past but through compression to create a master cell from which all other cells then divided from, creating invisible connections from the energy output of it. Energy we put off everyday, free energy, whether we work or not.

you can’t possibly be wise since you still linger around those academia forums ran by that twat of a man named Erik.

These concepts of masters and invisible energy connections becoming our concept of God and the Devil, presenting themselves in subconscious and some times conscious ways as well as in countless seemingly coincidental ways that becomes impossible in the long term. Inside each of us is two sides of the same coin: good and evil, as well as a choice. Our thoughts and choices, insanities and sanities, even emotions, echoing through time and space to be picked up by natural sensors that then make their own choices and echoes. Lets not forget the invisible energy, though, which paves the way for spiritual entities bred of a strong will, ghost stories, erratic weather patterns, reincarnation, etc.

Just publish your thesis.

But all of this is happening simultaneously, we are entering and existing , a door leaving a room is one of entering another, the black and white holes of singular perception, compress on entering as well as exiting, therefore there is no movement, the doors are the ones which move, we stand still, anchored into a thought, which are the points of reference, the very singular ideas of who we try to become. The words become the only signifiers in a chaos of absolute non sense. They are the very absolute forms of compression, that make any sense at all. how can we sense any thing, was it not for pitting two things and seeing the difference between them. They are different, before they can become similar, because their apart ness is already a difference. If they were a shade similar, they would be too near to differentiate, hence their similarity would reduce to identity. Only things set apart, can be differentiated, and if they are not set apart, how can they be said to be similar? The most which can be said is that they are approximately the same. Then how could they be said to be dissimilar, or similar? This is why common sense fails, to make a difference between everything, and anything at all. We were meant to become the anchors within which the absolutely singular become manifest. Man is, the center of the universe, as we know it, and not, the other way around. Sartre is wrong. Rouquentin is a jaded man, unable to understand the shallowness of Heraclitus.