My Theory On God

God is the epitome of rational thought. God created the universe and, just as was posited in “Empty’s” theory on God, He left absolutely no evidence behind that he did so. Thus, he made sure, made sure in a way that only an omnipotent being can make sure, that no human would have any evidence whatsoever that the universe, including the human race itself, was created.

He did this as a test of Man’s ability to use God’s greatest gift: rational thought.

Those who believe in God’s existence despite the obvious absence of evidence will, upon their earthly passing, be forever banished from His rational and loving presence. They will pass their time by spinning out endless nonsensical conspiracy theories, by seeing the supernatural behind every improbable event, by continuing to believe in gods and devils of all sorts and by continuing to torment one another because of those crazy beliefs.

Those who disbelieve in God, OTOH will be taken directly to heaven where everything that, up to that point, was entirely hidden from human cognition will become clear.

Yes, there we will sit, all we rational creatures, God’s beloved, basking in his eternal presence as we joyously learn all that there is to know. Every second will be a profound new learning experience. Each minute will bring more amazement than did the last.

And there will be so many wonders to know, brothers and sisters, so many wonders to know that for God to explain them all to us in the loving, lucid, intellectually stimulating manner in which He will explain them all to us, it will take forever . . . and ever . . . and ever . . . .

You’r kidding, right? Where did you get such gibberish. If this god of yours exists, where is the evidence? The idea that he hid his existence from us on purpose is pure fantasy. If such a complex being existed, where did he/it come from? And why did he wait 14 billion years to create mankind? The bullshit that he/it is timeless defies logic. What has he/it being doing for eternity? I know, creating hell for people like me who ask such questions. :laughing:

The evidence is “metaphysical possibility.” The same evidence which supports the belief in gods.

It’s a fantasy that I borrowed from this thread: … p?t=160563

Again, he/it came from metaphysical possibility.

Because the football game he was watching went into overtime? I don’t know.

Maybe he didn’t actually wait 14 billion years but just created the universe in such a way to give it the appearance that he waited 14 billion years to create mankind to aggravate skeptics like you and to justify his eternal torture of you after your earthly death.

Prove that it could not have been done in this way.

What kind of logic is that? You have not produced one single shred of evidence for your statement. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. You’r belief in magic does not compute. If a god as you claim existed, there would be evidence of it. Since there is no evidence whatsover. I challenge you to prove that such a being exists. :smiley:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I can’t help be a little sympathetic to theists after this…

Don’t be sympathetic to theist who have blinkers on and refuse to see reason because they have their holy book blinding them. If it’s not in the bible, then it must be false. The Earth is no more than 10.000 years old. Show them proof that it’s 4.5 billion years old and they shut down their brains. They cannot fathom such enormous spans of time. But what is amusing is that most theist have never read their holy book. Never read the contradictions and the magic in the pages of the bible. How it defies the laws of physics, not to mention the laws of nature.

So true. =D>

actually the exact opposite is probably true. try here and read #13

If there was an omniscient being, there is no way for us to know. Why? because we would have to be omniscient to know that there is an omniscient being. If we are the omniscient being, then we are God. But we are not God and not omniscient so we cannot know for sure if there is a God or not.


And what do you mean by “know”? Do you mean know with absolute certainty? Or do you mean know with some degree of probability?

Is this what God is, or do you mean to attach a feature or attribute to what you’re calling ‘God’?

I mean it to be the highest essence of god. “Know the truth and it will set you free.”

What better way to “know” what is true – not “guess” at what is true or “hope” that something is true or have “faith” that something is true – than to “know” the truth through rational thought.

There is obviously no convincing evidence or argument that any particular god exists or else everyone or almost everyone would know that this god exists; therefore, if a god does exist, this god does not want us to “know” about his existence.

I mean with a small to none degree of probability.

Ha, I like this theory =D>

Then of course you’re right. But then, if that’s what you mean by “know,” then we don’t know much of anything else, either, so I don’t see the problem.

Yeah, me, too. As an atheist, it kind of lets me have my cake and eat it, too. :slight_smile:

Gods don’t exist . . . but on the long shot that one actually does, this one makes as much sense as (or possibly more sense than) any other.

I “know”.
we don’t know much about anything. if we did, then in fact we would be omniscient. wow, look what we’re headed to again. my point is that we will never know if there is a God or not until we become God-like(omniscient)

I think we can know things. It’s just that can’t know things about the world beyond any possible doubt.

It seems like if there is a god who is omniscient, we could in theory know this about as well as we know other things about the world even though we could never know it beyond any possible doubt.