my thoughts on part 1 of "Untimely Meditations"

I just read … nt_id=1771
I thought it was the first part of neitzsche’s “untimely meditations”.
These are my comments:

N says that it’s harder to withstand a victory than a defeat, in wars.
I don’t agree, but in some ways a victory can lead to poisons, if you misuse it.
N probably generally believed that humanity misuses their victories, and I think that is in some ways true.

I don’t agree with N’s definition of “culture”. To me, culture is the grand totality of methodology, of “how”, and in this way, culture is a somewhat objective science, developed by how people interact with the world and with eachother. N’s definition of Barbarism wasn’t exactly bad in my view, but instead, it seemed to be a definition of polyphony of states, and unpredictable, non-linear multiplicity. In this way I say that the civilized and the barbarian are both good.

I may be reading more of this later.


My copy of the first essay in Untimely Meditations, titled “David Strauss: The Confessor and the Writer” has 12 parts. In my copy the translator is Anthony Ludovici, which is the only version I could get; however, I suspect that Hollingdale’s might be better. You might be interested also to read Walter Kaufmann’s commentary on this first essay in his book: Nietzsche: Philosopher, Psychologist, Antichrist.

Hope this helps,